April 21, 2011

Nerd News: Fast Five scene, HP7:2 stills, Nintendo art and more

Vol. 2, Issue 16

I'd like to start off this issue of NN with a little tribute. I was saddened to hear that Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Adventures of SJS spin-off, died this week, far too young.


Now let's move on to happier things.

In movie news this week:
And a few extended trailers/scenes:

Cowboys and Aliens


X-Men: First Class


Fast Five (A bit spoilery ...)


Are you in need of a Doctor Who t-shirt? How about 100 of them?

I'm a fan of these reimagined 80s movie posters.


And these Doctor Who Ponies.


I'm not sure how I feel about this Star Wars/Star Trek mashup ...

But there's no denying that Phil Noto's work is gorgeous.

I would have posted this Empire Strikes Back recap—in icons—here, but it's huge. (And impressive!)

In TV news this week:
First there were Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes. Then, there was Steve Buscemi with chick's eyes. Then, the Internet got even more literal with Chick(en)s with Steve Buscemi eyes and Steve with Chick(en) eyes. Finally, the meme left the Internet; you can now put Steve's eyes on anything you want!

This Planet of the Apes infographic explains a lot about the somewhat confusing canon.

Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis are gearing up for a new online ... something ...

These posters would be great for a game room.


And I love these "historical" images of Wonder Woman and Snow White.

(via, via)

I need this shirt to go along with my Chewie and Han shirt.

(Thanks again, Shaun.)

In science news:
What's your (geek) sign? I'm a Treasure Hunter. (Click to embiggen.)


And finally, look at these BAMFs. I <3 Neville a lot.

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  1. That Buscemi meme really did set a record in how fast it came full circle.

    Thanks for the shout out too!

  2. That's a lot of goodness! :) I MUST have the NES jellyfish poster. Where did you find it?

  3. oh my gosh, these have to be my favorite posts of all time. it's like nerd porn. i love it. first of all, all those posters are amazing. i want them lining every room of my home. also, HP is going to be amazing and i can barely contain my excitement. swoooooooooooooon!
    thanks for being awesome. high fiiiive!

  4. In regards to JGL being in "The Dark Knight Rises" here's a sort of ridiculous (but true?) bit of info.

  5. the empire recap is one of the funniest things i've seen this week.. and i'm pretty sure that the post baby-bump me will have to get the han/chewie calvin/hobbs shirt. my husband thanks you for the money son to be missing from our account.
    in the 8os posters 3 of them i got with instant understanding.. however what am i not getting about the one below princess bride and next to goonies... i feel i've let myself down not knowing this.
    and i am i spy.. though i think now that i've told you i have to kill you... but then i'd miss out on your nerd news... so i won't.

  6. wes-
    i'd be so pissed if my report card was that awesome and the joker stole it.

  7. I saw the Steve's eyes things a couple of days ago. HILARIOUS.
    Can't wait for HP!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YES - i look at that "zodi-geek" wheel or whatever... im totally a wizard, makes so much sense.

    and on that note - EEEE gawd, im not allowed to think ron is hott cause he is a) way younger than me and b) FICTIONAL

    but its still true

  9. o yeah * SIDENOTE that thing about the black forest is pretty sweet - and wuttacawinkydink - currently watching Carl Sagan's THE COSMOS, the episode about stars and red dwarf stars

  10. I have that K9 drawing as my fb profile picture. :(

    Ah...i'm so behind!! I'm still in season 4!!! And season 6 just started!! MUST CATCH UP!!!

  11. Shaun-You're welcome! I love reading your stories.

    Erica-Hope you got my FB post. ;)

    Kenzie-Thank you! Nerd porn, haha. Perhaps I should change the name? ;)

    Wes-Thanks! Nolan's really a fan, huh?

    Rebecca-I think it's The Last Starfighter. :)

    Liz-Me either!

    Rachel-I totally think Ron is hot too, which is even more creepy on my end. ;) I need to check out The Cosmos; I'm so behind the times on that.

    Alexis-It's so heartbreaking. And yes! You must. It's so good.