April 07, 2011

Nerd News: Doctor Who, Green Lantern, Tiny Hermione and more

Vol. 2, Issue 14

It might be the jet-lag, or the allergy tireds, or the fact that I'm a big giant sap, but when Steve Carell says "I should have fought for you," I nearly start crying.

Not particularly nerdy, I know. But it looks super cute (and I am an unabashed hopeless romantic), so I had to include it today.

Also super cute?

Thanks to Rachel for turning me on to the Hot Guys with Kittens tumblr.

In movie news:
  • And the darling hubs sent me this:

I've seen a lot about how this footage has made people believe more in the Green Lantern movie, which makes me glad. I certainly think it looks great.

Got kids? Thinking about it someday? Check out this wonderfully nerdy scifi growth chart.

And to go with that, here's a superhero ABC.


I'm a crafty person, and when I can combine nerd and craft, it makes me happy.

(via, via)

Thanks to Erica for alerting me to these crosstitch patterns!

Kate Beaton never ceases to give me a grin.


And this shirt design is totally cureepy (cute + creepy).


(Thanks for this also, Rachel!)

In TV news:
  •  OOH! OOH!

While bow ties are cool, clowns and creepy child masks are not. *shudder* Also not cool—one of the four leads will "die." (Unless it's River, I'm OK with being rid of her.)
The Mortal Kombat Web series will premiere next week.

Did you know that no one really has blue eyes? Physics!

I think I've said it before, but I continue to love the 60s vibe X-Men First Class has been inciting. These magazine covers are super vintage sexy.


As is this fan-made trailer.



I am a little in love with Hipster Spider-Man's suspenders and the way they tie so perfectly into his costume.


In case you were wondering ...


And I'll leave you today with a terrible hilarious joke, thanks to Helena:



  1. LOVED that worm chart!

    and i hate cheezy movies like that, but Ill see it for Gosling ;)

  2. There's so much about this post that I love !!!

    David Tennat + kittens = SQUEE !!!!!! I love it !!!

    It's funny because in your letter (I just mailed it yesterday) I went into some big dissertation about how much I hate the new Wonder Woman & her stupid outfit. HA !!

    I'm really super crazy excited about the Monsters Inc. prequel! I loved that movie so so so much !!!!!!

    I made sure I made a note for Moofs about the Mass Effect anime. ME has been on heavy rotation here for the last couple years (both games) & he's already gearing up for the 3rd one. Between Borderlands & ME, I know way too much about the people in the games! HA !!

    I swear, if River isn't the one that kicks it in the Doctor Who premier I'll spit nails! Though, I am not the hugest Rory OR Amy fan but they sorta/kinda need to be there plus, they're in most of the previews for the season so I'm guessing it is River.

    ZOMG TORCHWOOD !!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!

    Tiny Hermoine is SO funny & such a good band name that someone needs to do it !!!


  3. you had me at steve carell. AND those nerdy cross stitch patterns are excellent! thursday is fast becoming my most anticipated day of the week :)

  4. I think I have to subscribe to "hot guys with kittens," for serious. I also need those cross-stitch patterns. I'm lazy about that kind of thing, but I could probably get the avengers one done by my friend's birthday in January...

    NOTE: This paragraph contains a Doctor Who SPOILER for series 4:
    Killing off a Dr Who lead? That's just mean. Especially to tell us that. I'm pretty sure River dying doesn't really make sense, since we have already witnessed her death in the future (in the library), but she would get my vote, too. 2nd place: Rory.

    I <3 Martouf. He is adorable.

  5. wow. get out of my head. i spent the ENTIRE evening watching movie previews. its one of my favorite things to do. haha. and i had a lot to catch up on. i watched all the ones you posted. can't wait to see them! i've never watched dr. who but i've always wanted to. i think i have to start now.
    have a good friday!

  6. i LOVE that Mordorable design. Gollum is just so...precious!!

  7. Not at all happy with the Teen Wolf remake...hmm, i'll give it a chance though. That curious George/Joker thing is epic!

  8. Rachel-He does tend to make things better, doesn't he. ;)

    Cuppy-Epic comment! <3 I love the Mass Effect games. They're the only ones I have ever played all the way through. And I love Tiny Hermione as a band name!

    Megan-You are too sweet. Make me blush. ;)

    Jen-GOOD POINT. I had totally forgotten about that, shame on me. But I still hope it's her. Or that it's a very scifi death in that is doesn't last.

    Kenzie-I love movie trailers. They're such an excellent way to kill time. And yes, I recommend Doctor Who to everyone I know.

    Mariel-HA! Two gold stars for you.

    Tim-Right? Thanks for reminding me to check it out, regardless.

  9. I really really really want to make those pixel people cross stitch patterns a Tuesday Treasure for next week but then all my friends would know what they were getting for their birthdays. :-)

    Also, maybe they could kill off River and bring her back or something. You're right, whoever it is could be "sci-fi dead".

  10. BAHAHAAHA Anthony and I were just talking about the Why So Curious t-shirt. I told him that I wanted it. He laughed.

    And that movie does look really cute... poor Steve Carell. He always gets those kinds of roles. Ugly--> cute. Awkward--> not so awkward

    Yay, you got my letter! Sorry.. I rarely see when people comment back on the posts. And I've also been a bad blogger lately and haven't responded to any comments. But I'm glad you got it safely! Haha


  11. Jen-You should! You could always say "I'd love to do these if I could ever find the time." Throw them off track.

    Liz-Steve Carell is pretty typecast, but he does it well! :)