April 25, 2011

Lusting after ...

Back with another installment of material want!

This coat:

(Why I want a coat is beyond me, it's 90 degrees outside!)

And this coat, for the hubs:

(The personal space heater needs a coat even less than I do, but it's so handsome!)

An Xbox Kinect, and this game:

(It would be so silly, yet so fun!)

This ring:

(I wear four rings every day: my three-ring wedding set and a claddagh my parents gave me years ago. I don't really wear other rings frequently, and yet I long for unique options. For when I feel the need to spice things up.)

Tickets to a Michael Bublé concert.

(Even if he comes across a bit smarmy to some, I adore his voice and his songs. Also, trying to find art for this, I just found that he'll be in Austin in June. Hmm ...)

My very own TARDIS.

(It would make things SO much easier. And more complex, but that's the fun of it!)

Have you run across anything don't-want-to-live-without-fabulous recently?


  1. It's not so much the blue box as that mad man who comes with it....

  2. Erin-I was thinking of adding something along the lines of "and a Doctor to go with," but didn't want to offend the hubs. ;)

  3. those jackets are ah-mazing! i'm lusting after the first one now!! i like michael buble too, despite my best intentions :)

  4. I love those coats for me and my husband, too. Beautiful! I want a TARDIS too!! And a Doctor...

  5. LOVE that coat! So unique!
    Love the ring- I've seen it before. Probably impractical, but so cool. :)
    And, obviously, I want my own TARDIS. I do have an almost-TARDIS (telephone box) wood toy for now...

  6. Oh, and I agree with Erin & Jen. I want The Doctor to go with the TARDIS, of course.

  7. dude... i know why you want that coat. You could totally walk around like a jawa!!


    only way cuter

  8. Megan-If only it wasn't so exorbitantly expensive! And I think I just get sucked in by the crooner qualities.

    Jen-We could easily watch Doctor Who together if we had a TARDIS!

    Tish-Oh, totally impractical. And I first found it on Modcloth, but they're sold out at the moment.

    Rachel-SO RIGHT! Hahaha. :D

  9. I'm jealous of your finds. That ring is awesome! And I love Michael Buble. The Dance game for Xbox KILLED my body the first time I played it. Totally worth it. ha.
    I got your letter!! I hope to respond soon. Yay.

  10. Liz-Good to know about that game! I need to find an exercise that's not really exercise, ya know?