April 13, 2011

Lusting after ...

I am cracking myself up with this new feature header. I don't post Lusting after ... on a regular basis, but I just couldn't resist making a header like this. Perhaps I'll post the feature more frequently now?

What have I been coveting lately?

This typewriter dock for iPads.

This haircolor.

(But could I pull it off?)

French bulldogs. Always.

(Don't tell Mollie.)

These TOMS.

(Or any other pair of TOMS, really. They are seriously comfortable shoes.)

Neon satchels/satchels in general.

(via, thanks to Diana for the Google Buzz post)

(I think I might just like saying the word satchel. Sat-chel. Satchel? Satchel.)

A pretty yellow bike.

(Of course, I'd add fenders, a back rack and a front basket.)

More creative time. And more creative drive.


Anything you've been longing for lately?


  1. Yes and yes to the hair and the shoes. So classy. I would die.

  2. My face just exploded from the cuteness of those puppies. Seriously. So freakin cute!

  3. I'll take one of everything, please! Except the hair color, because I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull it off. It's so awesome, though.

    Those puppies are soooo adorable. I wish I could have a dog in my rental house.


  5. I would do just about anything right now to get a frenchie!!!

  6. The new header is hilarious and that hair color zomg. It's what I was going for when I got Manic Panic's Vampire Red, but my hair was currently black so I had kick ass red highlights! Love the cutie dogs, too.

    I'm lusting after a funky raincoat, like the kid for little kids but for adults. Something bright and colorful. And rain boots to match.

    I'm also lusting after sneakers so I can walk outside in something other than my favorite combat boots!

  7. Love that list of ways to stay creative. should print it out and paste to forehead! :)

  8. i love love love french bulldogs, the bright red hair and that typewriter dock. ohhh such beautiful thingssss!
    one thing can be said about the internet and having every possible product in the world at your fingertips... it certainly makes my "i want" list outweigh my "i need" list. good or bad thing? maybe both? anyway, thanks for sharing, friend!

  9. Thanks, all. I'm glad you enjoy what I enjoy. ;) And I definitely think we can all agree with Kenzie's thoughts on the "i want" list outweighing the "i need." It's so fun to browser shop!