April 06, 2011

Happy mail is happy making

A quick thanks to the response to that last post. I'm so glad to have such nerdy blog friends.

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Cuppy held a giveaway on her blog. I, of course, threw my name into the goblet.* When she told me I'd won, my first thought was: "Did she rig it?" But I believe Cuppy to be much more honest than that.

The box o'goodies was waiting for me when we got back from Oregon.

No, you are!

As I pulled up the pretty pink tissue paper, I was expecting to find these items in the box:

What I found, however, was those items PLUS a crazy amount of cute things Cuppy decided to throw into the box just because she is awesome.

Adorable, adorable things. This girl right here = super spoiled. I am excited to put them all to use. I ate the vanilla cardamom lolly pop last night (yum!) and currently, I've got the coaster at work. It looks great sitting under Starbucks and Diet Coke.

Oh, and Cuppy, not having done enough to be sweet by sending me such happy mail, also honored me with a blog award.

I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about me, but I think I've covered myself pretty well in the last few weeks with the 30 Days of Lists project. I will, however, pass it on to:

Liz of Liz Lemon
Kenzie of curiouser and curiouser
Jen of A Tale of 2 Monkeys
Megan of file me away
Brooke of Pretty Penny Mae
Tish of sugar + razor blades

*Nerdy snuggles to anyone who gets this reference. Which I am totally going to use instead of "threw my hat into the ring" from now on.


  1. Ha ha! Those are the Chinese food 'Crazers' that I used to make keychains!

  2. That's awesome! They're super cute. :D

  3. A give away...hmmm, how does one go about that? I've been thinking about doing that too. I've been wanting to re-edit, re-do the visual fx and re-dub an old movie my mates and me made. It's called The Multimidget. About a house cleaning droid that goes berserk and decides to REALLY do some spring cleaning. Of course, the family that owns the little droid have to fight for their life's. Congrats by the way!!! :)

  4. Tim-I held a giveaway a while back, and basically you just give something away to someone chosen from the people who comment on the giveaway post. :)

  5. That is awesome. So many cute things!

  6. Awwww ... This post made me feel squishy inside! I am so glad that you liked everything <3 It was so much fun putting a package o' happy together for you <3<3

    Plus, we're book & hair flower twinz now!

    Oh! And dress twinz too since I did get that flower print dress at Target! HA !!!

    I'm dying to know what you think of the music I put on the flash drive!

    xoxoxooxox love love love

  7. Aw, thanks for the award!

    Teehee, threw your name into the goblet. I like it.

  8. p.s. I got the Harry Potter reference but forgot to put it in my original comment! Derp! xxoo

  9. FUN! thanks for the award. :)
    i'm fairly certain that nothing in this world is better than packages waiting for you at home. thanks for sharing! hurrah!

  10. H-Right? Such cuteness.

    Cuppy-Haha, we're so meant to be. :D And I keep forgetting to bring the flash drive to work! I'm making a note right now.

    Jen, Kenzie-You're so welcome!

  11. aww...lots of goodies inside! maybe i should join in giveaways,too! ;)

  12. completely unrelated to this post, i just wanted to share this with you (lots of dr who pics!)

    and just between us girls:

    <3 Rachel

  13. Arvee-Definitely! There's always a chance of winning. :)

    Rachel-AMAZING. Both tumblrs. :D :D :D

  14. Ohhh yaaay!!! THANKS!!! I'll blog about it later ;)
    You're so sweet. And yay for mail!

  15. Liz-You're welcome! And speaking of, I got your letter last night. :D