April 15, 2011


Like Wednescellany, but on a Friday!

I got more happy mail this week, in the form of a giant package of makeup I won through the Sephora and Urban Decay 15 Years of Beauty with an Edge Sweepstakes. When a fine woman at Sephora emailed me a few months ago to let me know I'd won, I totally thought it was a joke. One of those spammy, "I'm a Nigerian Prince, and I have $1 million to share ..." kind of things. But no!

It's a good thing I like to wear makeup! (Although, would I have entered if I didn't? Really, Mandy. Don't be silly.)


My darling sister-in-law recently started up her own blog: Pineapples & Toe Socks. I think you should all give it a look-see. She posts about her life, her interests and her crafts, which are excellent. Please don't let her persuade you into thinking otherwise. Her embroidery skills are super enviable.


I saw this poster ... somewhere ... recently and I thought, "EXACTLY." My style definitely has its hipster influences. I like skinny jeans, scarves,Chucks, nerdy glasses, cardigans ... but would I consider myself a hipster? Not really, no. I don't know that I fit into any set category. And I'm a-OK with that!



If you've got no plans tonight, or Sunday night (or have a DVR), definitely get yourself to a TV.

Tonight, Sanctuary starts up for the second-half of the third season. If you're a fan of fantasy worlds, monsters, steampunk, literary character twists and SyFy regulars, you should definitely be watching this show.

Sunday, Game of Thrones premieres on HBO. I'm a little wary of HBO adaptations of books I enjoy, thanks to True Blood (which I still enjoy, don't get me wrong), but I have highish hopes for this series.


Any of you doing anything particularly exciting this weekend? It's been a ... week ... so I'm glad the weekend has arrived. We're celebrating a good friend's birthday tomorrow with a viewing of Scream 4, and I hope to otherwise relax and get some stuff done around the house, some letters written and some TV caught up on.

Oh, and before I go, I just want to send my love to you all because I've been thinking about how great you are all week. The third time around really has been the charm.


  1. [bows Wayne's world style] I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. ;)

    I have no words. To not only be mentioned on your famous space, but recommended ... I am so flattered and honored. You are too kind my love. <3

  2. THAT HIPSTER POSTER IS PERFECT! Im honestly wearing almost that exact same thing today.

    Although, i hope you know the cardinal rule that if you deny your a hipster then you're actually a hipster.

  3. Yaaaayy! I love make up! Do you always win in sweepstakes? ;)

  4. i love nan lawson's illustrations! i might have to get her pride & prejudice prints and/or (probably and) the royal tenenbaums.

  5. Chey-Don't be silly. But thank you for the sweet compliments.

    Rachel-I know, I know. ;) At least I'm a nerdy one!

    Arvee-I've been lucky recently, for sure! I should go by a lottery ticket.

    Megan-They are really adorable. I want to get a custom one of Colt and I, haha.

  6. I want all that makeup!!! And that hipster poster because seriously, we are in the same boat there.

    I know what you mean about True Blood/Southern Vampire Series - I keep doing this thing where I point out every difference between the show and the books. I'm pretty sure it drives my husband crazy.

  7. Jen-I try to tone it down, but I get frustrated when they mess with my favorite characters, particularly Eric. I can go along with a lot of the changes because of the whole "based on" thing, but when they change someone or something seemingly just to make things "darker" or "more interesting," I get riled. It's so arbitrary.

  8. I love Sephora. I'm jealous.
    I'm checking out the blog right now!

    Aaaand exactly. I don't think I'm a hipster. But I guess I kinda dress like one. Mehr.