April 01, 2011

30 days of lists: Days 26–30

And with this post, my involvement in the 30 Days of Lists project comes to a close. I've had a ton of fun keeping these lists over the course of the past month. And good grief, I can't believe it's April!

Day twenty-eight: Vacations to take

Ireland, Wales, England, (Scotland added after photo), Disneyworld, Australia/New Zealand, New York City, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, San Diego, San Fransisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, another planet, the moon.

Places I've been and want to go back, that I long to go to, and that are just impossible, but fun to shoot for nevertheless.

Day twenty-nine: Favorite foods

Americanized Chinese, spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette (spelling fixed in the list, too, haha!), cheese, cupcakes, old fashioned glazed donuts, popcorn chicken, sugar snap peas, hummus, salad, kettle chips, peanut butter (crunchy), Italian sausage, Pad Thai, Pho Ga, burgers, steaks.

Day thirty: Today's to-dos

Get up super early, drive to airport, take flight to Oregon, get rental car, get Dutch Bros !!!, drive to Sun River, surprise the MIL for her birthday, spend quality time with the family, get and give hugs, relax ..., try not to fall asleep too early. 

If for any reason you'd like to see all 30 of my lists in one place, you can see them on my Flickr.

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday.


  1. Your list of places to vacation look great! If you come up to Vancouver, I hope you'll set aside some time for us to hang out :)