March 15, 2011

obsessed.: Supernatural

I spent all of yesterday on the couch, fighting allergies and a headache that just wouldn't go away. (Apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I just couldn't face the computer screen.) My company for the day included a small white dog and the first season of the object of today's obsessed.: Supernatural.

I'm late to the party when it comes to watching this show, which revolves around Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who hunt the paranormal. I graduated college the year it started (2005), and somehow missed the "you'd like this" memo.

I knew a little about the show from reading pop culture magazines and websites, etc. and from the panel I saw last year at Comic Con. But I've wanted to watch the series from the start for a while, so I figured a day spent on the couch was a good time to really delve in.

The first season seems to deal a lot with urban legends, while I know that the Devil and angels and all that come into play in later seasons. But I'm really enjoying it so far, and I can see why the show has as many rabid fans as it does.

It doesn't hurt that Sam and Dean are nice to look at hilarious.


  1. Ha, awesome another Supernatural fan. At first i didn't want to watch the show, because all i saw were two "pretty boys" doing supernatural stuff. I thought it was a "chick" show. Then a buddy of mine lend me all 5 seasons. After the first i was hooked. I devoured the following seasons. You thought Season 1 was good? Wait till you see the rest. Pure excellence! Get well soon!!! :)

  2. oh, no - i hope you feel better! every time i see a promo for supernatural, i can't shake "dean from gilmore girls" out of my head. good thing jared padalecki plays sam and not dean on this show :)

  3. JM-Yeah, it totally could have been a chick show, but it's not. I look forward to watching more.

    Megan-You know, it's funny. I commented to Colt yesterday that I sometimes want to call Jared's character Dean regardless that he plays Sam because of Gilmore Girls. It's a little confusing.

  4. Mandy!
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    But, the point is you're supposed to tag more people or whatever... If you want. lol
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  5. I call this show "Super-hot" because ... well, you know ... sigh!

    And yeah, the storyline is great too!

  6. Omg, I love supernatural. Love it to ever loving bits. So I'm watching Fringe right now and Charlie Swan's in it. Eeeeee!!!

  7. I'm glad you're obssessed! Ha! I used to be addicted to Supernatural, too. I've seen S1 & 2. I love watching the show late at night. ♥

  8. Tish-You are too sweet. Thank you!

    Elisse-Haha, I do know. ;)

    H-I'm glad you're watching Fringe! And yeah, Billy's great in his small role.

    Arvee-I freaked myself out a little watching so much in one sitting. When I got up yesterday morning, I was like "turn on all the lights, lock the bathroom door ..." :D

  9. I've never watched. From what you say, it seems like something I would like. My only experience with the show was spotting the stars at Comic-Con last year while they were signing autographs and I was trying to get AROUND the Warner Brothers booth. It seems very popular.

  10. You know Mandy, you should do review or something of the Supernatural Anime. It looks fantastic!

  11. Jen-I actually saw the panel at last year's Comic Con and I thought "why am I not watching this?" It just took me until now to get with it. ;)

    JM-I didn't know there was such a thing! I'll check it out.