March 03, 2011

Nerd News: Disembodied Ewok heads, moon bases, Murmurs of Mordor and more

Vol. 2, Issue 9

This teaser trailer was released right after I posted last week's NN, so it's a little old, but still good.

Lots of other movie news this week:

I want to snuggle Mister Hope's artwork.

And I also want to snuggle this disembodied head of an Ewok while keeping my stuff in it.


This video about a n00b boyfriend made me giggle.

Good news, J. Timbs fans! He's headed back to the studio! (Don't hate.)

I will pack my bags in a hot second: Underground chamber on moon's equator perfect for a moon base.

In TV news:
These fresh takes on our favorite superheros are really great.



Thanks to Emily for sending me these great NASA shuttle mission promo/movie spoof posters.

Interested in a Doctor Who MMORPG? (Only if bow ties come as standard garb. Bow ties are cool.)

This is an amazing work of audio and visual LOTR greatness:


Somethings a bit off about this stormtrooper's helmet, but I truly appreciate the sentiment behind this illustration.


Design-your-own-Dalek. I named mine Jerome.

And finally, a sweet bedtime story to read to your kids, your significant others, your pets, or yourself before sleeps tonight: Goodnight Dune.


  1. Ah, my weekly dose of Nerds News. Now, i can scratch that of my "todo" list. Now, to rewatch Krull. :)

  2. what a great feature!I want that Indiana Jones sketch! so cute!

  3. NOT happy about James Franco in Oz. I can't stand him. Ugh. And I'm so excited about these new Oz movies and all these other fairy tales movies. I love any kind of interpretation of fairy tales/classic stories.
    And I totally want that Ewok backpack! Ewoks are my favorite part of Star Wars. So cute!!!

  4. Aw, shucks JM, thanks! :D

    Jessi-Thanks! And isn't it?

    Tish-Yeah, he's iffy. I liked him as Harry (in Spiderman), but other than that he's just kind of OK (in my book). If you like reinterpretations of classics, have you seen SyFy's Tin Man or Alice?

  5. Gah, I was so unhappy with what they did with my beloved Percy Jackson. As a stand alone movie it was fine, totally enjoyable. As a movie adaptation of a book, it was shit. And they changed it so much that I don't know how they're going to be able to make the second movie based on the second book.

    Peanuts superhero is epic win.

  6. Oh man, I love your posts.
    That backpack thing is... humorous, to say the least, and the Storm Trooper comic thing is awesome.
    Thanks for your comments, recently. :)
    I love getting to know people via blogs! And yours is awesome!

  7. Wicket is the penultimate symbol of the Ewoks. Whenever I think Ewok, I always and only think of Wicket.

    Love the Regret poster. Brilliant.

  8. H-I've never read the books. But I can completely understand your feelings (see: The Last Airbender). <3

    Liz-You're welcome!

    Elisse-Agreed. ;)

  9. I've given you a blog award :) You can find it here:

  10. oh, geez! mister hope's artwork is amazing! <3! i have a thing for the wizard of oz (did you ever read maguire's wicked series?) - it'll be interesting to see how james franco does.