March 31, 2011

Nerd News: 3eanuts, Doctor Who, Edward Scissorhands tribute and more

Vol. 2, Issue 13

Today's NN is brought to you through the miracles of modern technology, and the ability to schedule posts. I'm actually on vacation at the moment (huzzah!). I couldn't let you all know sooner, since it was a surprise for my mother-in-law. (Happy birthday, Rita!) But let's get on with it, shall we?

Goodness me.


*sniffle* I am going to be so heartbroken after seeing the last movie. Not that it doesn't end as well as can be, but that the series has come to an end. (Plus, I BAWLED during Part 1. I'm going to be all sorts of red faced and puffy after Part 2.)

In TV news:

I'm a huge fan of "altered" history. Could it be that Nixon's missing 18 minutes weren't actually about Watergate?

Congrats to Helen Mirren for getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard! I love her.

In science news:
Why so emo?

I really want to snuggle that sad little Wonder Woman.

In movie news:
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands. To celebrate, a gallery in California is holding a tribute exhibit. Some of the works include:

This mashup tee is quite amusing.

    In book news:
    Good grief. 3eanuts, Peanuts cartoons minus the fourth panel, are uber depressing.

    And finally, in some alternate universe, there is a version of The Hobbit illustrated by Maurice Sendak. In ours, unfortunately (thanks to a labeling mishap and bruised egos), we only have this one drawing.



    1. Augh! I am in LURVE with every one of the Edward Scissorhands pieces. Also, can we talk about how old it makes me feel that the movie is 20 years young?? Oy.

    2. mad men season five wha? it can't be true!

    3. yeah srsly, those edward scissorhand pieces are PHENOMENAL.

      but a chip in your brain that can move an electronic? FREAKY.

    4. Those Edward Scissor hands Illustrations are wonderful! Amy Adams playing Lois Lane? Good choice. I love the casting for the new Superman film so far. Have you seen the teaser trailer for the new Teen Wolf series? I'd love to hear your opinion on that. Have a great day :)

    5. Ang-Me too! So many things are having momentous anniversaries.

      Megan-I know. Sad. But it gives me time to catch up!

      Rachel-Right? But good for paralyzed people ...

      JM-I just saved a link to the trailer. I will give it a look-see!

    6. I want those Edward Scissorhands pieces. I mean, really. Johnny Depp is brilliant-- especially in Sweeney Todd.
      I also think that Amy Adams will make a good Lois Lane.
      I died a little when I finished the books, but the movies will destroy the rest of me. Yay, melodrama.
      I just bought "The Hunger Games," so I'm looking forward to finally being in the loop about that.

    7. Agh, Liz, I can't say enough about The Hunger Games. The first book, especially, is so haunting! I hope you like them.

    8. I love your news - you should have a news show!

    9. Wow, thank you VV! That's such a sweet compliment. :)