March 30, 2011

Mrs. Mollie Weasley: A picspam

You'll have to forgive me, I feel like being a bit of a crazy dog mom today.

Have you met Mollie?

She's a chihuahua-mutt with one floppy ear that Colt and I adopted from the Austin Humane Society a little more than three years ago. When we went to first visit her, she was named Mrs. Weasley, and had come in with a puppy whose name was Percy. (Honestly, that poor dog.) We added the Mollie into the mix, and changed up the spelling, pretty much just to be difficult.

She turned six in January. She is totally adorable—and she knows it!

Such a lady!
She's a burrower; she sleeps wadded up in a Beauty and the Beast comforter. Whenever else she can find a blanket, she'll claim it for her own (even if someone else is already using it!)

She's most definitely a cat-dog, too. She rarely barks, is super easy-going, entertains herself—by sleeping—and gets underfoot whenever there's food around. And she loves lying in the sun.

She is very loved.


  1. Oh she is so very adorable! And a pretty lucky dog, I'm totally jealous of her Beauty and the Beast comforter. Lol.

  2. Soooo adorable! That floppy ear of hers? Just too cute. Our bichon JoJo is a cat-dog, too. she curls up in a little ball and lays in the sun or under our piano. Gotta love quirky dogs!

  3. what a beautiful little dog! love hearing happy adoption stories!!

  4. She reminds me so much of Penny, my little rat terrier mix that we got at the Human Society of Williamson Co. in Leander. Same kind of temperament. Shelter dogs are always the best!!! She's so very lovely!


  5. hoorah for cute puppy dogs, especially those with one floppy ear! she is seriously adorable and i'm happy to to be picspammed!

  6. Thanks for the puppy love, you guys! If Mollie could read and/or type, I know she'd say the same. :)