March 28, 2011

Celebrating, nerd-style

Good Monday, friends!

My darling husband turned 27 last week, and it wouldn't be a (Murray/)Curtis birthday without some sort of nerdiness made by me.

I am not a baker or cake maker, by any stretch of the words, but I make a decent attempt at decorating for Colt's birthday. We have more than one celebration—with friends and family—so for the past two years, Colt's gotten two cakes. (I know, lucky duck!) Last year, I made a garish Iron Man mask and a Perry the Platypus, which actually turned out well, considering I was going for a child's drawing look.

This year, I pulled inspiration from two movies opening this summer.

First up, Cap's shield. (I forgot to take a photo before candles.) 

The inside chocolate cake I dyed blue. (Turns out food coloring doesn't always sort itself out before leaving the body ...)

And then, something to light the brightest day and blackest night.

There wasn't anything special about the inside cake in this one.

I know they're not the best, but I try.

As for presents, Colt didn't want much this year. He got some books and giftcards from friends and family, but his "opulence, I has it" present went a little something like this:

"I have no idea what this is for."

"Ohhhh ... yay!"

Some family and I went together to get him an iPad 2. I wasn't sure it would get here on time, even with buying it the morning it came out, the demand was so crazy. So I made him a felt case to "stand in" in case it didn't make it.

I thought I was absolutely hilarious when I thought this baby up. For those who who aren't familiar with the Green Lantern Corps canon, the orange lantern is controlled by greed. Funny, right?

Of course, Colt takes it a step further and names it Larfleeze.

We are a perfect couple.


  1. Now, THAT is what i call a gift. Much better than Glue and Oregano! Awesome cakes! I salute you! GEEKS united!

  2. After my talk with Ben and a little follow up reading, I actually know who Larfleeze is!

    The food coloring was quite the shock though.

  3. Awwww, this whole post was so sweet and made of so much win! I think you did an AMAZING job on the cakes! No way in hell could I do anything like that!

    And wow, he got awesome gifts! :O

    YAY for more geeky couples!!!

  4. The cakes are awesome and colt is so lucky!

  5. JM-Yes, muuuuch better than glue and Oregano. ( I still don't understand what that girl was thinking!)

    Shaun-I'm proud. And sorry about the food coloring after-effects. ;)

    Angela-Thank you! :D

    H-Thanks, doll. And yes, yes he is. ;)

  6. bahahaha. when you sent out the TMI facebook message, i wanted to respond but couldn't! i totes forgot about the blue cake the day before and went into such a panic, i called my mother! i thought it was hilarious though once i realized i panicked for no reason. :)

    and the cakes looked awesome. they always do! <3

  7. Aw, Samar, I'm sorry! I didn't even think about it not ... digesting ... <3