March 11, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Days 5–11

Still keeping up well with my lists! (Hope you don't mind learning more about me, haha!)

Day five: My weekend goals

Do laundry, sleep in, tidy the apartment, snuggle with the hubs and the dog (Mollie), catch up on the week's TV shows, get to level 15 with my Rogue alt (<--NERD), read Franzen's The Corrections for book club (to page 289), figure out a great gift for Hub's 27th.

Day six: My least favorite words

berm-a mound of grass-covered dirt
bimmer-another word for "beemer" (BMW)
(My dad often says both of those. Sorry Dad, it's not you, I swear. <3)
panties-ladies' underpants

Connotations I dislike: anxiety, dentist, mess, public speaking

Day seven: Blog goals

Continue to build a reader base, try to keep up posting at least 5 times a week, expand topics of posts, make even more new friends, do more giveaways, better connect with my readers, have some guest posts, think about sponsors, HAVE FUN!!!

Day eight: What's in my bag?

A whole lot of junk. ;)

(This was my first digital list, since it's easier to make a layout like this on the computer. I've pasted it in my notebook, however.)

Day nine: My favorite sites

For a laugh: Damn You Auto Correct, Comixed, F**K Yeah Dementia!!1! (I love me some memes!)
For nerdy news: io9, Geek Tyrant
For inspiration: Pinterest, Etsy
For a (web) comics fix: Dr. McNinja, Wondermark
For friends: Twitter/FB
For everything else: Tumblr

I didn't include blogs because there are just too many good ones to really whittle down into a shortish list. :)

Day ten: A wishlist

The perfect pair(s) of black and camel boots, a bottle of China Glaze "OMG" nail polish, to figure out a way to look better in photos, knitting skills, an entire set of Disney Pook-a-Looz, an Adipose invasion, another tattoo, time and money to spend on an actual honeymoon—in the UK!

Day eleven: Date ideas

Trip to Gourdoughs to try fancy trailer donuts, "family" movie night on the new couch, picnic in the park, another daycation to Dallas capped off by a visit to Medieval Times, BRINNER, Raiding in Azeroth, venturing to the local comic shops, hiking in the Hill Country.

The photo is of the iPad face hubs and I on a date night—the midnight showing of HP7: Part 1.

And yes, we are giant nerds.


  1. Where do you get all your pretty bags/pouches/journals?

  2. Things always go better with "to do" lists. As always, a very amusing post :)

  3. medieval times - woo hoo! i've been there 7 times and i wouldn't mind going back. gah, i'm way behind on posting my lists (but i am writing them!).

  4. I love your lists! This 30 Days project has been a whole bunch of fun so far. :)

    Everything in your purse is so colourful! I love it!

  5. Shelby-Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, Borders ... They're all relatively inexpensive, which is good because I tend to change purses often. :)


    Megan-We've only been once, but we had such a great time.

    Sarah-Thanks! And yes, it really has. :)

  6. This list project is working out great for you!! I love how you're recording and sharing them!

    And what colorful contents your bag has!!! Fun!