March 25, 2011

30 days of lists: Days 19–25

25 down, five to go!

Day nineteen: Recipes to try

Buttermilk pie, chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, potato soup, cupcakes/cake from scratch (and icing), chocolate pretzel tart (from pictures + pancakes), cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, sushi, dishwasher salmon, pickles, kettle corn.

I'm not a good cook, nor do I do it often, but I'm pretty decent at following a recipe. :)

Day twenty: Celebrity crushes

Jake Gyllenhaal, FDR, Helen Mirren, Iwan Rheon, James McAvoy, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Johnny Depp, Andrew-Lee Potts, Garrett Hedlund, Angelina Jolie, Matt Lewis, Cory Monteith, Chris Evans, Colin Firth, Nathan Fillion, Sam and Dean Winchester, Mr. Darcy, The Doctor, Ryan Reynolds, etc.

This list was probably the easiest of all of them. I've been known to be boy/celebrity crazy. (Each year, I make a Man Calendar to put up in my cubicle.) And I apparently have a thing for the Brits and guys who aren't afraid to be nerdy.

I included some fictional crushes too.

Day twenty-one: Things to do this Spring

Make time for crafting, get wedding photos printed and hung, get a bike, ride said bike, take hard top off Jeep, READ, spend more time outdoors, wash/vacuum both cars, clean/reorganize storage unit.

A mix of both fun and chores. :)

Day twenty-two: Today I saw ...

Darkness (dang DST!), traffic on 183, overcast skies, day laborers on the street corner, the ATPE offices, the inside of my cubicle, more traffic on 183, lots of bikes, chocolate cake mix in a bowl, my loves, darkness (yay sleep!).

Day twenty-three: Guilty pleasures

Playing WoW, SyFy monster movies, "dude" movies, cover songs, little boys' nerdy t-shirts, sour candy, dressing up my dog, nail polish, Internet memes, boy bands, actors who sing, anything buffalo-wing flavored.

Day twenty-four: I make lists for ...

Grocery store trips, craft store trips, weekly to-dos for work, letters to write, crafts to make, trips/vacations, gifts to buy, misc. things to do, TV shows to DVR/watch online, movies that I lend, things to remember to talk to people about, pretty much everything.

Day twenty-five: Things I'd rather be doing right now

Sleeping, writing letters, working on afghan squares, catching up on the week's missed TV (while in pjams), sleeping, having coffee with friends at a cute coffee shop, snuggling, eating [a good] breakfast.

And since I don't know that it would be appropriate to leave this until next Thursday:

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like how under Celebrity Crushes you have both David Tennant and Matt Smith, and then later just "The Doctor". Ha ha ha. ME TOO! <3

  2. "I should stop singing no-oow". He than force speeds back to the microphone hahahaha!

  3. Tish-Gotta include 'em all!

    JM-Yes, I love that bit. :D

  4. Yesterday was Thursday (I think) and today is Friday (no duh!).

    *** DEAD ***

    Too funny !!!!!!!

  5. The only problem is that since watching the video, I've had that danged (actual) song in my head!

  6. ha, i love that you included girl crushes! we have a lot of similar boy crushes, especially of the british variety!

  7. I knew you had excellent taste, Megan. :)

    I watched a "bad lip syncing" video for that song last night.
    Oh my gosh. That is so hilarious.

  9. Liz-Glad you enjoyed! :D