March 04, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Days 1–4

Hello Friday, hello friends.

I've been surprisingly good at keeping up with 30 Days of Lists so far.

Day one: A few things about yourself

Only child, geek, nerd, crafter, wife, tidy, dog mom, friend, writer, bookworm, grammar nazi, pretend fashionista, smarty pants, daughter, introvert, know-it-all, couch potato, multitasker, diet coke drinker, sunset lover, Jeep driver, obsessive personality, original.

Day Two: Things I'm good at

Useless pop culture trivia, spelling, drawing stars, loving, second-guessing, standing up for who/what I believe in, being a nutter, lazing, crocheting, obsessing, figuring things out on my own, stenciling, forgery (non-illegal), spending money, grammar, alone time, reading, laughing, using my imagination

Day three: I am looking forward to ...

A year full of good (nerdy) movies, vacation in March, making new friends, spending time with the old, growing as a blogger, growing older with my husband ... but never growing up!, finding my dream job, finding the perfect haircut, having kids (eventually), the weekend.

Day four: My playlist

Dudley and Bob (on the way to work), sounds of the office (HVAC, typing, coworkers), Glee (even though I am super behind), Florence + the Machine, Doctor Who: Series Five, Alpha Rev, Country Strong soundtrack, indie rock, classic rock, dancy pop, anything that fits my current mood.

I had such a busy day at work that I only opened my iTunes to see what I'd listened to recently. My musical tastes really are all over the map.

You can find all of my lists on my Flickr.

I'm looking forward to a movie tonight followed by low-key weekend. Got any cool plans that I should be jealous of?

P.S.-Thank you to Kelly for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award! I will give it a proper post next week.


  1. florence and the machine is on my list, too! glee floats around, but not today (i've bought all the soundtracks for the library). i love your looking forward to growing old, but not up!

  2. I totally changed my mind. I decided to start this because I just started journalling again last night. Hahaha.

  3. This is awesome.
    I totally want to do this, but I will not copy. Ha
    We seem to be pretty similar... it's kind of awesome. haha

  4. Hey, i learned a lot about you from this post! I'm an only child too, and I would write many of the traits you listed on day one :)

  5. Liz, you should do it! It wasn't my idea to start, and a ton of people are involved. :)