March 18, 2011

30 days of lists: Days 12–18

Before I get into the lists, I just wanted to thank my friend Cuppy for posting such sweet words about me and my blog yesterday! If you're not already a reader of her blog, you should be! She's a total doll. It really makes me smile to have made such great friends via this silly little self-indulgent space.

We passed the halfway mark in the 30 Lists project this week, and I'll admit I will be sad to see it finish up. It's been fun to have a daily project. I know that I could create one for myself, but it's more fun to be surprised each morning with the prompt.

Day twelve: Weekly rituals

On the weekdays: Wake up, go to work, work, go home, take Mollie out/get the mail, watch TV, eat dinner with the hubs.
Every other Tuesday: Book club.
Every Wednesday: Mentoring (at a local elementary school).
On the weekends: Sleep in, laundry, tidy the apartment, relax with Hub and Mollie.

Day thirteen: DIYs I want to try (or get better at!)

Knitting, embroidery, screenprinting, sewing clothes and home goods, crosstitch, upholstery, baking/cooking, painting, home decorating, graphic design, HTML coding, metalworking.

I went with general things rather than specific because my list of "to try" links, ideas, etc. is really, really huge.

Day fourteen: Things I love about ... The Internet

Memes, funny YouTube videos, the myriad of new and ingenious ideas, blogging and reading blogs, making new friends, pretty pictures, the ease of finding information on practically any subject, connecting with the world.

(I thought about doing this about Colt, but I didn't want to gross anyone out. ;))

Day fifteen: On my shopping list

Supplies to finish Colt's b-day present, a b-day card, cake/cupcake supplies, mix (2), frosting, "decor," a thinking of you card for a friend.

(I couldn't get more specific; Colt's a snoop.)

Day sixteen: Places to go in Austin, Tx

Alamo Drafthouse, the Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, South Congress, the Drag, Kerbey Lane, Congress bat bridge, Mozart's on Lake Austin, Rudy's BBQ, Zilker Botanical Gardens, Barton Springs, the moonlight towers, the many other art and culture museums.

Most of these I've been to, others I want to see.

Day seventeen: Words that are hard to spell and/or type

Just, definitely, necessary, Connecticut, February, bizarre, the.

I am constantly typing the smaller words wrong, particularly when chatting. I think my brain gets ahead of my hands, or vice versa.

Day eighteen: Trip must-haves

Two or more pairs of jeans, snacks, nerdy t-shirts, at least one more pair of underpants than days in the trip, black flip-flops, at least one pair of my Chucks, cleaning/pretty-making items, 2+ books to read, phone (and charger!), lounge pants.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Not too much planned for the Murtis, but that's not a bad thing.


  1. I'm no snoop! I just read your blog. <3

  2. sounds like a birthday coming up! you'll have to share pictures of what you made after the fact! i am absolutely convinced that 'teh' will be a legit word in a few years - it is my number one typo.

  3. Very, very amusing Mandy. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. I just can't seem to find that..."angle", you know?

  4. Love you, Anonymous. ;)

    Megan-You bet! I'll take photos.

    JM-Just gotta keep an eye out; there's always something like this going on! :)

  5. It's awesome that you live in Austin. I'm from San Antonio and I have family that lives in Austin. I wouldn't mind living there..
    And I'm about to go check out your friend's blog :)