February 04, 2011

Snow day!

It's not often I can say those words, living here in Austin. But today we woke up and found that the snow we'd been expecting to not stick around through the night actually stuck. And since I work for an education association that follows the schedule of the Austin school district when it comes to closures, I got an unexpected three-day weekend.

Mollie and I stayed inside most of the day, since neither of us actually like snow. (I've had enough to last me a lifetime from my five years of living in the Northeast.) But I took a few pictures before the sun came out and melted it all away.

Gotta put proper clothes on before we go outside, of course.

Hope you're staying warm, where ever you are!


  1. I've totally got a question. This isn't an "omg, you're so weak, y'all consider that a school day?" sort of comment. It's more a curiosity thing. Up here when we get snow days, it's because buses can't run to get kids. So just wondering why that's a school day over there? Because buses can totally run on that.

  2. that hoodie for mrs mollie weasley is ADORABLE.

    CRACKS ME UP when people in the south shut down for a little dusting - though i totally understand.

    Even though the snow was up past our thighs, we had buses running by the end of the day (thats just how we rock it in west michigan)

  3. H-Much of Texas is never prepared for snow. And according to the news, it was the "thin layer of ice" under the snow that made driving conditions unsafe. There were A LOT of accidents that morning, because of it, and the fact that most people from here don't know how to drive in any sort of wet/slick/icy/snowy weather.

    Things-Yeah, it's dangerous around these parts. (see comment above) I am more used to snow and going places in it thanks to my time spent in the northeast.

    Sara-Yes! Love those three-day weekends. :)

  4. hey lady!! i mentioned you in my blog post today as my little sister!! :)