February 01, 2011

obsessed.: New Morning

I'm at home sick today, and could have spent the day crafting something really awesome to share with y'all ... but instead I've spent most of it on the couch, watching Star Trek: Enterprise and napping.

I suppose that's what you're supposed to do when you're really not feeling well.

The song in the video below's been playing on the Austin radio stations for a while now; Alpha Rev is a local band made good. The song is excellent, and I finally remembered to download the album, which is also really good. So it's a fitting song to include in today's obsessed.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Back to the couch for me!


  1. Hope you feel better! I've been sick, too :(
    But Star Trek is awesome! Don't apologize for Star Trek!

  2. I do adore this song. Sometimes, Austin radio's proclivity to play the same set of about 30 songs on repeat makes me happy. This would be an example of that.

    I was so obsessed with this song when I first heard it that I ended up Wiki'ing and researching the band/lead singer. LOL. Anyway, all that to say: Lovely selection, m'dear.

  3. Thanks Liz! I hope you're feeling better as well.

    Ang-I'm glad you approve. :D Do you have their album?