February 17, 2011

Nerd News: Superhero fashion, Thor, Webseries and more

Vol. 2, Issue 7

Intrepid NN cub reporter Wes found this and sent it to me today. I thought it was a fitting tie between Tuesday's obsessed. and today's NN.

Raj rapping kind of makes it, no?

In TV news:
I found these fashion sets on Tumblr today and I am in love. I want them all.

The creator's got a bunch more in her archives, including sets for each Harry Potter house and Marvel characters.

This guy found this awesome sign on his door. I want this to happen to me!

More minimalist superheroes. Why do I like these faceless figures so much?


I feel like I might need to start an "In Webseries news" section of NN. It's a growing medium.
Love this dog. (Thanks, H!)


This poster is so excellent. Man, do I adore The Hunger Games.


In movie news:
New Thor trailer!

Need some TRON graphics for your wall? Blik's got you covered.

This neat Inception poster has a definite Mike Mignola-feel to it.


I wish I could win my own giveaway! (Don't forget to enter!) This shirt is so aww-worthy.


Is there a gas giant hiding in our solar system?

Did you hear? Spidey's taking the Human Torch's spot in the new Fantastic Four.

These sad Darth comics are too cute.

And finally, this is a-dor-a-ble.



  1. OMG I loooooove the superhero fashion sets!
    I'm actually going on the hunt for a Superman shirt this week because I used to have one that I loooooved but it got too small. I have the sudden urge that I MUST have a blue superman logo shirt. I do love t-shirts...
    And I love the Dalek sign! Ha ha ha!
    I just finished season two of Doctor Who (omg sooo sad!) and now I have to wait til next month before I can download the next season, I miss it already!

    P.S. I made a Facebook group for me and my friends to talk British telly cause it seemed that some of us watch a lot of it, including Doctor Who and Misfits. If you're interested, you could join and discuss some British telly with us!
    (Hopefully that link works?)

  2. I caught my hubby peeking over my shoulder as I was reading this post. Looks like the superhero-inspired outfits were of interest to both of us :P

  3. Those superhero sets are absolutely awesome. I love them.

    Thor trailer looks so good.

    That hibernation article was interesting. And bears are cute. Just saying.

    I love reading about things like undiscovered planets.

  4. that video is freaking hilarious! good job wes!
    i want those wonderwoman red pumps sooo much.
    i find the minimalist art awesome (except superman and aquaman- the no eyes thing is super creepy.. but for some reason no mouth doesn't bother me at all)
    how do you feel about spidey replacing the human torch? i know they did a lot of cross over stuff but i'm not sure i agree with ditching the torch all together. maybe they think spiderman is more bankable... guess they haven't read those broadway reviews yet.

  5. Oh I agree with everyone,the superhero sets are AMAZING. And the "Wookie" dog pic is the cutest thing i have ever seen. I want one.

  6. Wait.. They're doing what with Dragon Age?
    ZOMG!! My day is sooo made ^_^
    You're my hero for posting that!

  7. Yay for hair/emotion twins. Haha :)
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's weird like that!

  8. Just FYI to all: I've fixed the broken links above. I don't know why Blogger adds in weird code from time to time, but I do need to check my links before I post.

    Tish-I hope you find your shirt! And yes. End of season 2 of DW is so sad. But it works out in the end ... sort of? (And also, the end of season 4? I bawled.) The link worked great, thanks so much for the invite! I'll see you there.

    Elisse-Haha! At least they were appropriate for public wearing. ;) I'm sure there are "for private use" outfits out there too.

    H-What hibernation article? Did I mis-link something? That's what I get for rushing.

    Rebecca-I like the no eyes! (I'm weird, obviously.) And I honestly have never read a FF comic (other than the Marvel 1602 series trade), so I'm not really sure how to feel. But Spidey's always been more of a alone guy, to me at least, so it's a little weird he's joining a team. (And total props for your Broadway comment.)

    Mariel-Yes, adorable. I want a mini-Wookie! :D

    AR-Yay! I'm glad I could make your day. Felicia Day's got such great nerd cred, and I hear she's a super nice person too.

    Liz-Definitely not! :D

  9. Oh, maybe it was a mis-link. I know I open up all the links I'm interested in reading in tabs. Then after I've gone through your post, I go and read the links. I'm not sure which one that might be. But you linked to a post about bear hibernation research and possible use for humans in the future for space travel.

  10. That does sound super interesting! I'll have to figure out where you found it.

  11. You know what? Now that I'm looking at all the various links you had in the first part of your post, it might not have been from you. It was the first tab open right after the one your blog was in so I just assumed you posted it, as it seems like something you'd be interested in. But nope. I'll see if I can find it for you.

  12. Now, that is my kind of club. I'd wear my Madmartigan battle outfit. Speaking of outfits...that superhero inspired fashion peaked my interest. I must convince a friend of my to wear some of these. It'll make for one hell of a photo-shoot. The camera loves her. Great post! Keep these coming! :)