February 03, 2011

Nerd News: Game of Thrones graphic novel, Star Wars art, Superman casting and more

Vol. 2, Issue 5

(There is an awful lot of Star Wars related stuff in this post. I apologize if you're not a fan, but that's what came up on my radar this week.)

I am totally in love with the kid in this commercial. I hope know that my kids will be a lot like him. And I can totally see Colt pulling the same thing that the dad does.

(Thanks Shaun.)

I want this shirt. Next payday, I think it will be mine. (Forgive the watermark.)


In movie news:
These steampunk Star Wars characters are super cool. I am so tempted by the idea of cosplaying this Leia.


Love these posters. (And yes, they are "minimalist." I can't help it, I like what I like.)


In TV news:
If I had kids ... Oh, who am I kidding. I'd love to have these Doctor Who "lego" sets for my own playing pleasure.

Is it inappropriate to want to put these in a nursery?


How cute are Wall-E and Eve dressed up like droids?




Game of Thrones to be made into a graphic novel. While part of me says, sweet!, another part agrees with the commenters that this is yet another thing that will keep Martin from moving on the books.

Batman: Secret Star Wars fan?


And finally, I found Bill Mudron through his epic Mucha/Who posters:

But how cool is this grown-up/spirit Aang?


  1. Dude, grown up/spirit Aang? So awesome.

  2. i love those jason hickman posters! WANT!

    So that Star Wars/Tron trailer was ok... but... see I like to pretend that the first three movies don't exist. In fact... no they don't exist.