February 24, 2011

Nerd News: Frankenstein, Mean Disney Girls, Sassy Darth and more

Vol. 2, Issue 8

I nearly fell out of my chair when I ran across this video on Tumblr last weekend.

The wonders of the Internets never cease to amaze me.

Have you heard? If he had the money, Nathan Fillion would bring back Firefly.

In TV news:
Another Muppet/Doctor Who mashup to go along with the Ten/Jack/Kermit/Gonzo illustration from last week:

Beaker is my fave.

I'd dig one of these bathrobes, if I ever wore a bathrobe.


The Walking Dead and Fables ... Coming to a game console near you? (I am still way on board for a Fables TV series.)

To go along with the watches from Tuesday, Jeremy Scott introduced a whole line of superhero fashion during Fashion Week.

This fantasy map is like the geographical version of crossover fanfic:


In movie news:
Diana shared this t-shirt design on Google Reads the other day and I was instantly smitten.

How have I never noticed that the viewscreen on Boba Fett's helmet looks like underpants?


Ever wanted to see an E.T. sequel? I'm guessing you didn't think it would look like this:


These left brain/right brain Mercedes ads are super cool.


Wes alerted me that the children's album from MC Chris, nerdcore rapper, is releasing soon.

If you have trouble keeping all the characters in Game of Thrones separate, this app might be just what you've needed!

And finally, is it weird if I find this Darth a little attractive?



  1. OMG !!! CAT CAT !!!!!

    *faints* I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I wish *I* had the money to bring Firefly back! I loved that show so much <3

    Who new Darth Vader had such a nice body underneath all that Dark Lord-like garb :)


    p.s. We should be pen pals. Just sayin'.

  2. disney vs. mean girls mashup ftw! you should definitely be watching mad men - so much promiscuity, drinking, and (the best part) vintage sets! and also? vader is quite fetching.

  3. Disney mean girls was the funniest thing evar. Hahaha.

    That fantasy world map is so cool.

    I've definitely gotta start watching Castle. Nathan Fillion for the win.

    And I like the last of those left brain right brain posters. The others make left brain seem so boring.

  4. You know I'm gonna say that I love the bath robe (duh).

    I'm working a bit backwards with Firefly - Castle is one of my favorite shows, and I researched backwards, finding out that several actors in the Firefly cast have starred in other fav shows of mine (Alias, Chuck, The Cape). So NOW I'm watching the Firefly episodes - LOL!

  5. Cuppy-Great idea! I sent you an e-mail.

    Megan-I just need to get my business together and start it. I wish it was streaming on Netflix!

    H-YES. You will adore Castle. And I actually kind of like all of the left brains ... I really love graph paper and math-looking things.

    Elisse-If I was able to go to Comic Con this year, I would say we could each get one and wear them on the same day. ;) And I'm so glad you're checking out Firefly! I love that show, and it's super entertaining. If you haven't watched it already, wait until after the show to watch Serenity. <3

  6. Hubby and I were smirking at the Firefly reference from this past episode. Nathan is loyal to his old show!


    Ok so this was just an excellent post mandy... but ... i am just not ok with the vilainization of my two favorite disney princesses, its just NOT OK


  8. I wasn't too happy with Belle being one of the Plastics either, Rachel. ;)

    (P.S.-Best website ever.)