February 21, 2011

Lusting after ...

These Jeremy Scott for SWATCH watches.


Although I just recently received an awesome watch as a gift, I can still enjoy the fun look of these ... and dread actually wearing one. I'm so out of practice at telling analog time!


  1. swatches are back?! or maybe they never left? i must be out of it! and the black one is my favorite!

  2. Your new fossil watch is absolutely gorgeous. And how fun would it be to pull up your sleeve and see that your watch as wings. So cute. Love it.

  3. oooh! i love that fossil watch! i think i've had a fossil on my wrist since at least the 8th grade - they are the best. i think sheldon cooper needs that lightning bolt watch!

  4. DG-I think they've just been biding their time, ever so often twirling their mustaches and catering to hipsters. ;) You work in a gallery, no? I can see why you'd like the frame the best. :D

    H-Thanks! I love it. And yeah, the wings are awesome. They'd get in the way of sleeves though, don't you think?

    Megan-Yes! Perfection. If I knew Sheldon in real life (I wish), I'd totally get him that watch as a gift. :D

  5. OMG I love these watches! Gotta head over to Swatch and see if I can snatch one up!

  6. If you get one, let me know/take pics! :D