January 04, 2011

obsessed.: Sam Flynn's Angry Butt

Two posts in one day! Things gettin' crazy 'round here!

Since I have already posted, I'll make today's obsessed. short and sweet. I found this on Tumblr last night and just couldn't stop laughing. It still makes me laugh today. (The wonders of Tumblr continually amuse me.)

"Angry Sam Flynn Butt is Angry."

I saw TRON: Legacy over the break and plan to post up a Haiku Revieu of it in the near future. You'll have to just wait until then to know what I thought.

And yes, I know, I'm odd. *grin*


  1. hashahahaha it took me a minute to see it but I finally did! This made me smile!

  2. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I'm a nerd. :D