January 18, 2011

obsessed.: Olivia Wilde's Golden Globes dress

I didn't watch the Golden Globes this weekend, but as I was trolling through Tumblr and Twitter for photos, because, really, that's the only reason I get excited for awards season—although, congrats to Chris Colfer, who is just so adorable—I ran across photos of Olivia Wilde. HO-ly crap, do I ever adore her dress.

It looks like space!

So stunning. I want this to wear to balls, to banquets—to the grocery store. Marchesa, please make me one of these in my size, just because?

Her shoes, on the other hand, were totally ill-fitting with such an amazing gown. I know they're Louboutins, but really. The whole bright gold spike thing just didn't go with the silver and black. But you know what? You couldn't see them unless she hiked up her skirts, so we don't even have to think about it.


  1. It looks like space. That is the exact same thought that went through my mind. And her shoes definitely don't work with her dress.

  2. I'm glad we're on the same page, H! But I shouldn't be surprised. <3

  3. Her dress was amazing. I really want a dress just like this for my prom, Still trying to figure out how im going to find one like this. The shoes were awesome but i agree with you they just didnt go with the dress :)