January 27, 2011

Nerd News: Hello Kitties, Indian Scifi, Thundercats and more

Vol. 2, Issue 4

Turns out, the move to Friday might actually have been a good thing for Fringe. My fears might be all for naught!

In movie news this week:
The variety of plush dolls available from Neatoshop is pretty amazing. Like these:

I'm thinking, once we eventually have our own house, perhaps a Star Wars bathroom to go with the Star Wars kitchen?


Colt sent me this video to watch today: The only scifi movie you need to watch for the rest of your life.


Not looking to share your actual photo with the world on your Facebook page? Try one of these placeholders.

Thanks to the success of Riese, SyFy's picked up another Web series: The Mercury Men.

In TV news:

Must everything look so anime? I have nothing against the art form, I just know that there are so many other forms of animation, and so many cartoons are being rebooted like this.

I found a lot of really awesome posters this week:

From Olly Moss (Look carefully at this one):

Didja see both Wolverine and Batman?

From Jorge Gonzales:

And from Fro Design:

Love these Hello Kitties. I know I've posted something similar before, but these are new to me.


This is a pretty epic piece of music (50-something minutes?), and I only listened to a bit before I turned it off, but it's really an interesting idea: The Jurassic Park theme, slowed down 1000 times.

And for those who are interested: Comic Con tickets go on sale--for realsies this time!--Feb. 5.


  1. Batman: Brave and the Bold did a pretty good job of developing its own style.

  2. The Hobbit's been delayed again. This time due to Peter Jackson having emergency surgery. Pretty soon "The Hobbit" is going to be the film industry's "Scottish Play." (Macbeth for you non-theater types.)
    -Or the game industries "Duke Nukem: Forever" which hopefully means it might actually happen eventually.

  3. And that batman and wolverine poster is absolutely fantastic. Loves.

  4. The Star Wars bathroom is INCREDIBLE!

  5. DT-I need to watch that. I've seen pictures, so from what I know you're correct, but I've never actually watched the cartoon.

    Wes-Spot on, Deputy. ;)

    H-Yes. ADORABLE. And Olly Moss is awesome. I've definitely featured some of his stuff before, and he never disappoints.

    Liz-Right? Would take a while with all those tiny ties ... but totally worth it.