January 13, 2011

Nerd News: Doctor Who art, Edgar Wright, The Hobbit and more

 Volume 2, Issue 2

The big news of the week is that The Hobbit is—once again?—a reality. In Hobbit news:
While we're on the subject:

Would have been a totally different series, that's for sure.

In other movie news:
I will definitely be adding this to my wishlist when it's out of prototype phase.


And these Dr. Who posters are classic.


I ran across this re-cut Ghostbusters/Inception trailer via a couple of different friends on Facebook and had to share:

This Inception/Eternal Sunshine mashup is great, too.


The Inception song gets in my head something fierce. I saw a hilarious tweet earlier today that included an Inception knock-knock joke:
Who's there?
Inception who?
(via @bonniegirl)

I love scifi/fantasy people. Turns out someone on the set of Firefly stuck a mini-Han-Solo-in-Carbonite in quite a few scenes.

In TV news:
These Edgar Wright posters are awesome. Love his body of work, so much.


And finally, you've got to check out Jess Bradley's art. It's a-dorable.


  1. Jess Bradley's drawings are fantastic. So cutesy and fierce.

  2. I'm ok with Spiderman looking small. Nothing about Spiderman has ever said he needs to actually look like he's capable of lifting a car.

  3. H-Great words to describe it.

    DT-I didn't mean that Spidey is buff, I just meant I didn't think Tobey was all that big in the role, and comparing the two photos, Andrew makes him look quite large. :)

  4. ahhhh the hobbit. can.not.wait.