January 05, 2011

Haiku Revieu: TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy (****)

Fancy-pants light suits
Garrett Hedlund is dreamy
Jeff Bridges is God?

The alternate last line is: Michael Sheen—Bowie?

I went with the God line because it didn't involve cheating with the em dash.

The most recent time I attempted to watch the original TRON, I feel asleep. Also, the acting was laughable, but I can forgive that. It was the 80s, afterall. Pretty much the entire decade was laughable.

I thought the special effects, the action and the music were great. Michael Sheen's Castor was brilliantly creepy, and Jeff Bridges played, well, Jeff Bridges. (At least, I feel like Jeff Bridges always plays a slightly altered version of himself in his films.) The plot was a tad thin, but fun. I would like to watch the movie again in 2-D, since I am not really a fan of 3-D; the glasses let in a whole lot of light, by the end my head is killing me, I feel like I focus on the wearing more than the watching, etc.

The coolest thing about the whole movie, however, is that I'm in it. Or, my voice is.


  1. 1) I'm glad it was enjoyable. Ken wants to see it pretty badly, and it would suck to know he's going to come out disappointed.
    2) I just realized you spell it 'revieu'. After how many posts? I am an idiot.


  2. Haha, it's only been a few. ;) However, your comment made me realize that I posted the wrong header photo. Now who's the dummy? :P

  3. I know my hubby will probably want to see this. Me... not so much.

  4. At least there's some eye candy? ;)