January 10, 2011

Haiku Revieu: Black Swan

Black Swan (*** or ****)

Such pretty dancers
Have nasty toe injuries
Was it in her head?

As you can see above, I'm kind of conflicted on how much I liked this film. Was Natalie Portman brilliant in it? Yes. Is it full of cringe-worthy, picking-at-injuries moments? Yes. Was Mila Kunis great as the creepy single-white-female frenemy? Yes. Was I happy to see Vincent Cassel, who I loved in Ocean's Thirteen? Sort-of? (He's too much of a creep, and doesn't dance enough.) Were the makeup and costumes and effects really great? Yes. Did I really like it—or just like it? Not sure.

I'd probably need to see it again, to make up my mind. But it might just be one of those films that I never fully come to terms with.


  1. I loved it! But it took me a couple of days and talking thru it with friends to really grasp my true feelings. :)

  2. It's definitely one of those "talk about it" movies. :)