January 24, 2011

A big ol' grin

Well, gosh, you guys. I'm kind of blown away by the sweet and thoughtful responses to my last post. I'm so glad that what I had to say resonated with you, and that I actually seemed to make sense. I was away from my computer most of the weekend, but I kept reading your comments on my phone. This sums up my internal reaction to the comments pretty well:

(Happy Sherlock is Happy.)

It's so great to "meet" new people that seem to enjoy the same things I do. I wanted to take the time to respond to each comment individually, but am never sure if people read my responses to comments, so I thought I'd just make a post of general thanks.

If you ever want to get in touch with me outside the comments section, feel free to e-mail me. I love getting ze e-mails, and promise to try and be a responsible replier.

Thanks guys, really.

P.S.-thingsiveseenandheard, since you asked a specific question, check for a reply in the comments of the last post.


  1. I have totally put Sherlock on hold at the library because of that little gif.

  2. Ha! awesome, thanks for reply. That's totally cool, BSG is a recent venture for me as well, but trust me its going to blow your mind.

    Also: Fear is the mind killer.

  3. H-You must! It's wonderful, and far too short. I think there's a second series in the works, though.

    Things-Dune reference FTW. :D