December 02, 2010

Nerd News: Kevin Bacon, NASA news, Primeval and more

 Vol. 1, Issue 22

I'm dancing, guys, dancing.*

I knew Primeval's 4th season was being filmed, but I had no clue when or if we'd see it over here in the states. I know what I'll be doing on New Year's Day!

In other flaily business, tonight's episode of Fringe promises to build even more on the amazing season they've had so far.

At the end of last week's ep, I literally kicked my feet and pumped my fists in glee. You can ask Colt.

In other TV news:
Crazy news about NASA's—SPOILER ALERT—discovery of life based on arsenic.

Man, do I miss these guys.

These Star Wars mashup posters are sweet.


This illustration is titled, "WE'RE ALL FINE HERE NOW, THANK YOU. HOW ARE YOU?" We watched Star Wars on Thanksgiving and I'd forgotten just how hilarious this scene is. Oh, Han Solo. <3.

In movie news:
This comic—What if the Founding Fathers had Twitter—is great.

As is this.
(I giggle.)

Finally, I saw this commercial last night and I watched the entire thing without being bored, or wanting to change the channel. It's nearly a miracle, and wholly amusing.


*Not literally, but internally, yes siree Bob.


  1. Man i have been so bad about keeping up with my tv shows. I really just need to take a day and veg out on the couch with my DVR and watch all the Fringe episodes that i have missed.

    I love the Star Wars cartoon!

  2. Legolas!!! And that Stargate drawing is awesome.

  3. Danielle-Make time over the holidays. ;) This season has been so, so good.

    H-Colt laughed at Legolas too. And I knew you'd like the Stargate pic! :D