December 13, 2010

Holidays at The Murtis

Before we got married, our friends gave us a Brangelina-esque name that seems to have stuck: The Murtis. (And one must always include the "The".)

We like to call our apartment The Murtis as well. Only fitting, right?

I shared a small bit of the holiday decor in my office with you all a while back and said I'd soon be sharing some of the decor around our home. It took a little longer than I thought to finish up a few of the details—and I still have yet to make/hang the stockings—but I do have a few good photos from a post-cleaning shoot this weekend.

Here's our lovely white tree, with black, silver and blue ornaments. The blue round balls are all vintage glass, from my grandmother's stash that I inherited when she passed away. The topper is made from cardstock (I used this tutorial, then glittered and spray-sealed the whole thing), and the skirt is a tablecloth I cut up the middle and hemmed. There's not a whole lot of black accessories out there, at least not that I could find.

Here's a picture with no flash. Makes the tree look like it's made from feathers!
Elsewhere in the apartment, I set up little vignettes using some One Spot foil trees, some ornaments, some black glitter "beads", spare tree branches clear vases, "fairy lights" and a few glass trees, also from my grandmother's Christmas decor.

The catch-all bar area:

The top of our bookshelf/entertainment system:
Those large Moroccan-inspired stars are there year-round. Our stockings will hang on this piece when I get them made. (I'll post pictures of those too ... later.)

The coffee table/ottoman:

A small mirrored side-table behind our couch:

The headboard in the bedroom:

I also found these great foil 3D snowflakes on sale at Target.

The wreath on our front door. I made it with a wire frame, garland, and ornaments.

Hope you enjoyed that little mini-glimpse into our home!


  1. Cute decorations! Must have been fun. :) We didn't do anything yet at my house, and I don't think we'll do anything... :(

  2. Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous! The rest of the decorations are amazing as well! I love it all! =)

  3. Thank you, both! :D

    Jennifer-Even if it's just some garland or tinsel, a little bit of sparkle makes everything more festive. ;)

  4. Wow! I really love it all, but the white tree is just to die for. So well done!

  5. Thanks, Molly! It was actually my husband's idea. We've had a much smaller silver tree in the past. And even though fitting this one into our jam-packed apartment took a little creative rearranging, it was worth it. :)