November 30, 2010

obsessed.: Decorating for the holidays

I love the holidays. I love the cooler weather, the changing color of the leaves, the eating—I'm happier than normal this time of year. Of course, there's stress that comes along with it, but it's easier to handle when it's stress for a good reason—giving.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the decorating. For the past couple of years, Colt and I have had a small silver Christmas tree. This year, being it's our first year as an officially married couple, we got a completely new, larger, white tree. To go with our tree, we got new ornaments. Which threw me for a little bit of a loop when it came to decorating the rest of the apartment without having to buy completely new decor, but I think I've got it figured out. As soon as we finish up, and clean up the bits of itself the tree's left on the floor, I'll make a separate post. For now, I'll just share with you a photo of the decor I set up at the entrance to my cubicle.

I call it "Happy Hoth-idays". (Apologies for the somewhat crappy lighting. And the poor excuse for a pun.)

What's your decor like? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving to put yours up? (Colt's a stickler for each holiday having it's own time, and I'm cool with that.) When do you take it down? Ours will probably stay up until at least a week after the new year begins. I just love it too much.


  1. We always try to put our stuff up a few days after Thanksgiving and it comes down a few days after the 1st of the year. I always hate to see it go though!

  2. I laughed. Good thing I wasn't drinking or it'd have been out my nose.

  3. Bahahahaha!!! And the look on Leia's face.

  4. I love it! Its amazing! Why does Leia look so angry??

    Well, this is my first year decorating and I decided to put my tree up a few days before Thanksgiving. I wanted to enjoy it during our huge meal. Plus I want to show it off. I am so proud of myself. haha. It won't come down until about January 6th because it is the Dia de Reyes. Kings Day in Mexico. I am trying my hardest to incorporate my husbands culture into our house hold as much as possible because I love it so much. I am hoping to do a little party and make some sweet bread with a little baby figurine in it. We'll see how that turns out. haha.

    I can't wait to see the rest of your decorations. I had glitter everywhere after I finished putting up my tree. It's awful to get cleaned up.

  5. Krysten-I know what you mean!

    DT-Glad to be of service. *curtsey*

    H-She's a fellow non-fan of the snow.

    Danielle-That's so neat that you're incorporating your hubs' culture. Colt and I are both of mostly British descent, so there's not much other than Christmas to bring to the mix. ;) And as far as cleaning goes, it'll really put that Dyson I got as a wedding gift to the test!

  6. Love the xmas display! So cute! I would have decorated last weekend if I had been around, but didn't get back into town until Sunday night. Now it's going to have to wait until next week after my weekend show for Vivi Dot is over. I'd so love to procrastinate and decorate right now though!!