November 04, 2010

Nerd News: Being Human, Doctor Who art, Sucker Punch and more

 Vol. 1, Issue 18
I want this shirt:


In movie news:
A Sucker Punch trailer for you ZACH SNYDER* fans out there:

Love this:

To go with this. And these:

These are pretty much the only "family window decals" I can get behind. The stick figures and whatnot just bother me. 'Sides, the ones with the names are totally unsafe for kids.

In TV news:
As much as I love Matt Smith, sometimes I still miss David Tennant in the role.

(Photobucket wouldn't let me add a border to this. I am bothered.)
    I'm still not sold on this SyFy Being Human. Their Mitchell's got the look, but their George just isn't as adorably nerdy as the UK version.

    I need a giant house with both West and East wings to house all of the awesome art I run across. No exception, these Doctor Who posters:

    To wrap up today: Smell like a monster:

    Curse like a member of Serenity.

    And don't let anyone ever crush your dreams.

    I must have a French Bulldog before too long.

    *The man likes to yell.


    1. Oz fascinates me. Being public domain just about anyone could write brand new Oz stories and go forward with it. On the other hand, the character of Ozma/Tip just doesn't interest me all that much.

    2. H-Haha! I knew you'd like that news. ;)

      DT-I actually don't think I've ever read any of the OZ books, unless I read The Wizard of Oz when I was much younger. The canon has such possibilities, definitely. Were you a fan of Tin Man or the Wicked books?

    3. Mandy, Mollie does not approve of this idea of another dog. I can almost guarantee it. ;)

    4. I know. *kicks at dirt* ;)

    5. About Snyder:

      I know! You should have also made note of his limited vocabulary. It consists of only about 17 words. Most of those are variations of "awesome", "cool", and "yeah".

      Seriously, interested in the movie, but that panel at con was one of the most painfully unpleasant experiences of my life.