November 17, 2010

Guest post

I've got a guest post up over at my friend's nail polish blog today!

(You can also click on the photo to get to her site.)

Nail polish is one of my few girly, non-nerdy obsessions. Right now I've got two small containers filled with it, but if I'm not careful I could amass a whole lot more, much to the chagrin of my under-the-bathroom-counter storage!


  1. I love fingernail polish also. I go through spurts with it though because I get really annoyed when it starts chipping.
    Thanks for sharing her blog I will check it out now!

  2. you're temping me to buy all four, too!

  3. Danielle-I get annoyed too. Since I type for a living, it chips super quick. :/


    Samar-The grey and black are pretty normal flat mattes, I think. Sill pretty, but the purple stand out. I've yet to really scrutinize the red. ;) But you should! They're pretty cheap! And pretty! Haha.