November 15, 2010

Baby, it's cold(ish) outside

The temperature has dropped a little in these parts, and I am over the moon that the season for scarves, layering and cute boots with leggings/tights has finally appeared in Texas.

The nights and mornings are cool, and while the days are still averaging in the 70s, I can tell that Fall's finally arrived.

I went to college in Massachusetts/lived for a while in Connecticut, so I know what winter can be like in the north. I don't exactly miss it—snow's not really my thing—but I do miss having to bundle up to go outside. Everyone always looks so cute in their puffy winter parkas and rosy cheeks.

I've still got a few coats left over from my winters in the north, and have amassed a semi-ridiculous collection of bomber-esque coats for someone who lives in such a warm climate. But lately I've found myself in a bit of a conundrum. One of my favorite things to wear as an under layer is a boyfriend cardigan. Boyfriend cardigans, for the most part, hit at my hip. A lot of my coats, however, hit at the waistband of my pants. The cardigan hanging out the bottom is really silly looking.

So I've initiated a search for a hipish-length, not too heavy, not too formal, coat/jacket. And you, my friends, shall be made privy to some of the many cute items I've run across on the Interwebs. Some of these are far outside my price range, but a girl can lust, right?

I picked up this coat at the Charlotte Russe outlet right before Halloween. It's cute, but a little too feminine and formal for everyday wear. 'Sides, it's ivory. Definitely does not hide the grime.

I love the military trend that's been so hot in coats for the past few years. I already have a couple military/band-inspired coats, however, and they fall into the "too short" category.

I have serious lust for this coat. Unfortunately, it's sold out. *tear*

This one's super cute, and comes in different colors, or so says the listing.

Wool Faux Suede Detail Duffle Coat/Topshop, $170

I also love an asymmetrical look.

Although this is a "sweater," it looks thick enough to serve as a coat.

And then, just for fun:

I'm also a fan of the slimmer-cut snowboard jackets, but couldn't find any I really liked while I was browser shopping.

The most frustrating part of all this is that I can picture the coat I want in my head—I saw it, somewhere, some time ago—but I can't remember for the life of me where it was.

Do any of you, gentle readers, find yourself in a similar predicament with the layering? What's your go-to winter coat look like?


  1. Fall coat season is my favourite. Love some or your choices. I got mine for the year so I'm not looking anymore, or else I'll want to get another one.

  2. Peacoats are my addiction. And now that they're militarizing them? Pssh. Iyam a lost cause.

    Exhibit A

    brb, drooling.

  3. I love coats!! I always find some that I would love but I can't bring myself to pay the price for them. I guess I just haven't found that perfect coat!

    I hope you have a great night!

  4. H-What did you get? :)

    Ang-That's cute, for sure.

    Danielle-Yeah, the price is always an issue. Particularly because I always want a new one every year, haha! :)

  5. Oh goodness, I am SUCH a coat person! Just scored a cute cream one at old navy for 50% off. I've always loved the look of cream coats, but needed a good deal to pull the trigger. I heart the last etsy one too! So cute!

  6. Cream coats are so pretty ... but I am so afraid I'm going to spill coffee on mine, or rub up against something. Score on the 50% off, though! That's a deal I know I couldn't pass up. :D