September 22, 2010

Premiere Week: Wednesday

Wednesday's always been sort of a slow day for TV, at least for me. I wish they'd move some Thursday shows over, since I always have trouble deciding on a Thursday schedule, and often end up having to watch shows online since there's no room to schedule them on the DVR.

But I digress.

The Middle, 8 p.m. (ABC)

The Middle's a show about an odd family who live—you guessed it—in middle America. The Janitor (from Scrubs) is hilarious in this show, as is the youngest kid. I love when he whispers to himself. It's not a show I watched on a regular basis last year, but I really liked it when I caught it in reruns.

Modern Family, 9 p.m. (ABC)
Modern Family is one of those giant shows you hear about, but don't always get involved with. Something competed with this for my time last year, and I didn't get into the show until, like The Middle, I caught it in reruns. The cast is fantastic, and no wonder this show about three different families who are all related has won so many awards.

Criminal Minds, 9 p.m. (CBS)
Criminal Minds is another of those super intense crime shows I love so much. This one follows a team of FBI behavioral specialists/profilers who travel around the country solving some extremely bizarre and grotesque crimes. For some reason, this show just fascinates me. It's one of those, "I can't look away, but I should!" sort of things.

(See EW's Fall Cheat Sheet to find out what else is premiering when.)


  1. Modern Family is, far and away, my favorite television show in recent years. I absolutely adore the family dynamic that every episode - even the most zany - has. My favorite episode is either Hawaii or Fizbo. heh.

    So sad I'm missing them til we can get the interwebz this weekend.

  2. See, I didn't watch it much at all last year. I hope to jump in and be able to catch up.