September 07, 2010

obsessed: "King of Anything"

Sara Bareilles' new album (Kaleidoscope Heart) came out today. The first single, "King of Anything," is a catchy "I can stand on my own two feet" song, and I get happy when it comes on the radio. Love the video, too. It's very fresh and on-trend with all the different photo frames.


  1. Good choice! I've recently fallen in love with her older stuff - she has an acoustic album that was recorded in 2003 that I adore - and when this single dropped, I liked it from the get go. :D

  2. Ooh, I bet that's great. I've only got her first studio album. Would you want a copy of this new one?

  3. I'm totally obsessed with it too :) Listened to it several times on my mp3 player today!

  4. Now you've totally got that song stuck in my head. =P

  5. Mandy - If you're willing to share, I would love to partake. I am still looking for a good copy of her acoustic stuff, and once I find it (probably on iTunes), I'll send it on over. "Gravity" with an acoustic arrangement is stunning. STUNNING.


  6. Erin-It just makes me feel good. :) How goes the school year?

    H-Haha, sorry?

    Ang-Of course. I'll get you a CD on Friday.

    P.S.-YAY for Friday!