September 28, 2010

obsessed: Crocheting

I love to make things. I like to sew, to reconstruct, to paint, to build ... I'm a craft-dabbler. I can do a lot of things somewhat well. One thing I'm a little more obsessed. with than any other, however, is crocheting.

I like being able to create something with nothing more than a hook and some yarn. It almost seems like the possibilities are endless! If you can't find a pattern already, all it takes is some time and some thought and you can create something wholly original.

I love that there are so many yarns. Yarns=cozy thoughts, even in the middle of a blazing hot Texas Summer. When I'm working with yarn, I envision cold nights, scarves and slouchy hats, and it makes me happy.

Crocheting, for those not in the know, is different from knitting—in the most basic sense—in that it uses one hook rather than multiple needles. While you can make similar looking things, because of the difference in techniques, the finished product of both crafts will be different. I don't particularly think that one is better than the other, or easier, but crocheting is what I know. (Someday I will sit down and learn to knit. It's on my bucket list.)

Do you have a favorite craft?

(Images via weheartit and Google Images.)


  1. My favorite craft is loving you!

  2. You are too cute, Anony*cough*Colt*cough*mous. <3

  3. haha. i love colt's comment!

    i admire your skills at crocheting SO MUCH. i wish i was as crafty as you!

  4. In my geekery the closest I come is repainting minis for games. Haven't played a new game for a while however. Maybe I should go looking for a new Orc mini to paint.

  5. Aw man, that looks so COZY. And cozy is awesome. In any form. My fave craft is origami. Although I don't do it much. Sometimes I'll just feel the need to fold something. Btw, Colt is hilarious.

  6. Samar-Aw, thank you. :)

    DT-That definitely counts as craft! It takes a steady hand to paint minis.

    H-You're quite good at origami, for sure. And yes, yes he is, haha.