September 30, 2010

Nerd News: BBC goodness, I Am Number Four, space travel and more

Vol. 1, Issue 15

Quite a bit of movie news this week, so we'll jump right in:

Love these posters:
And yet, my heart aches thinking about how this is the beginning of the end.

I've never read I Am Number Four, but I think I might need to, after seeing this:
Quinn's Diana Agron's looking pretty BAMF-y on the motorcycle. And I'm always down for some pretty aliens. (For any Hunger Games fans out there: There's a large movement to get Alex Pettyfer (the guy in the clip) cast as Peeta in the film adaptation.)

A fun look at 20 classic opening lines from literature. (There's a somewhat NSFW book cover in the mix (No. 12), just FYI.) My favorite? "It was a pleasure to burn." from Fahrenheit 451. (The HP opener is a very close second.)

Man I wish we got all the BBC stuff right off.
Didja notice that Doctors Nine, Ten and Eleven were all in there, for non-Doctor related things?Yay.

I am so looking forward to this album, and I'm not even that big of an electronic music fan: Daft Punk's Tron Legacy score to be released Nov. 22.

I will actually be in Portland for this year's Wonder Woman Day!

Unintentionally funny: The unknown lyrics to the Star Trek theme.

Intentionally awesome:
(It gets good at about 20 seconds in.)

This makes me sad:
We won't reach Alpha Centauri until the 24th century...unless we have an energy breakthrough
If you take humanity's current energy and technological capacity and project a steady increase into the future, the chances of us reaching the stars any time soon look bleak. Even our nearest stellar neighbor is at least 300 years away.

Of course, humans could technically reach Alpha Centauri long before the 2300s. The Voyager probes, for instance, are headed into interstellar space, and it wouldn't be that difficult to take another probe and aim it in the rough direction of Alpha Centauri. But that probe would still take a long time to get there, its instruments would probably give out long before it arrived at the star, and what data it could provide would be hugely limited. (via)
We're never going to get to Gliese 581g if that's the case!

I love me a good mashup.

And this isn't really that nerdy—except for Justin's glasses—but this hip-hop medley is awesome. I've always loved Jimmy and Justin together.


  1. Thanks a bundle for the underworld info.

    Oh Alex Pettyfer, you are the prettiest boy I've ever seen. If he does the hunger games, it'll be the third book adaptation he'll have been in.

  2. I thought you'd enjoy that, H. And I now have to go look Alex up, I didn't know he'd been in an adaptation before this one.