September 10, 2010

It's her special day

Scenes like this one are why I get such a kick out of Veronica Mars.

The relationship between Veronica and Keith just cracks me up. I laughed so hard at this last night, I rewound the video and made Colt watch it. He gave me an indulgent chuckle. He's such a wonderful fiancé.

I liked this scene so much, I made a gif, for the occasions on which I need a good giggle.

Vaguely inappropriate? Sure. But it's wholly amusing.

I'm off to Dallas this weekend for a concert with some very lovely friends. Hope you have a great one!


  1. lovve that paper background so fun!!

  2. Hopefully we'll find out more soon as to when,where,what,if there will be a movie.

  3. Soné, thank you! I love grid paper.

    DT-That would be amazing. I'm nearing the home stretch of season three and will be sad to see it go.