September 08, 2010

Dancing in the movies

I am more than a little in love with this video.


Good grief, do I ever love dance movies. Plus, this song holds a giant place in my heart.


  1. AUGH. This was awesome.

    Straight from your blog to my facebook. haha.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I couldn't resist! There's a little too much Jamie Lee Curtis skin in there for me, but otherwise, it's awesome. ;)

  3. So awesome! And I totally agree, way too much Jamie Lee Curtis skin in there.

  4. i agree with angela! i'm totally stealing this and putting it on my FB. i lovelovelove dancing in movies. that's why i'll go see movies like step up... i can't help it. haha.

    i agree that was too much jamie lee curtis for me too. which movie is that?

  5. After seeing this...i think i should probably make a short dance flick...I can't dance but i love doing it. That would probably make it even better. Seeing a bunch of guys trying to "battle" and none of us can actually dance. Time to write a screenplay!!!

  6. H-:)

    Samar-I know when she's in the black undies, it's True Lies. The aerobics scenes are from a movie called Perfect, which I've never seen. (I just had to look it up on IMDB.)

    Tim-That would be great! :)

  7. AMAZING!!!! I've seriously watched this like 5 times already. I <3 Gregory Hines!

  8. It's great. However, everytime I watch it, I think my dad's calling me, haha. ("Footloose" is his ringtone.)