August 25, 2010

Temptation, I has it

It's just sitting there.

Staring me in the face.

Daring me to crack its spine and devour it.

Why, oh, why am I not an 09er* with all the time in the world to do what I want?

*Kudos to anyone who gets the reference without looking at the link.

P.S.-How do you like the updated Chocolate & Cream Cake, hmm?


  1. I am lame and didn't get the reference. I have, however, finished Mockingjay, and will refrain from commenting on it so as not to spoil anything. :)

    And I am a fan of this background. The nerd in me is rejoicing. :)

  2. You just need to watch Veronica Mars. And I'm going to attempt to read it tonight.

    Thanks! I love graph paper.

  3. The updated C& CC cake is awesome, darlin'. And I really need to get on Hunger games.

  4. Thanks, H! I'm having fun tweaking the HTML to suit my OCD. ;) And yes, yes you do. As a whole, I really loved the series.

  5. I'm getting my copy this weekend! So excited!

  6. I hope you like it! There's been mixed reactions, as far as people I know go, but overall I thought it was a good way to end a fabulous series.