August 24, 2010

obsessed.: Pinterest

I'm not quite sure where I ran across Pinterest—Twitter I think—but for the past week or so it's all I can do to not visit the site every five minutes.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.
Part wishlist, part idea warehouse, Pinterest has me obsessed. I love looking at all the gorgeous things people find on their Internet travels, and I get a little giddy when someone "re-pins" something I've added into the mix.

Right now, Pinterest is in Beta, so it's only available to those who are invited/those who sign up on the site to receive an invitation. I've still got three or so invites, so let me know if you're interested?


  1. OKAY... this is COOL! You are the best! :) New Follower!

  2. Welcome! And thank you. I've seriously spent way too much time on the site lately ... definitely check it out. :D


  3. That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing, Pants.

  4. You are welcome! Would you like an invite?

  5. it has got me addicted, too... ♥ i'm loving it.

  6. arvee-Yay! What's your name on there? I'll look you up.