August 20, 2010

Nerd News: Historical Stauses, Love and Other Drugs, Words and more

Vol. 1, Issue 11

Today, I adopted a word. What have you done for the English language lately?

In movie news:
I haven't seen Jake Gyllenhaal in a "pinch-his-cheeks-adorable" role for a while now. This movie looks cute, and Anne's hair/wig? Gorgeous.

This mash-up is amusing. It just goes to show how much music effects mood.

And while we're on the subject, a spoilery review of Inception, complete with some pretty interesting thoughts on the end of the film. (Thanks, Wes!)

Supposedly, True Blood season 4 will feature witches. A girl can hope—does this mean the storyline with Eric losing his memory will come into play? *fingerscrossed*

Wow. Ultraviolet light reveals how Greek statues used to look.

These posters are great:


Had I the money to buy all the awesome nerd art that comes down the pipes, I would have enough to fill at least five houses.

According to SETI, we will find evidence of alien life within 25 years.

More Historical Facebook Statuses.

Have you ever wondered, "What Would Emma Pilsbury Wear?" or wanted a TARDIS-inspired frock? I'll admit, I think a TARDIS swing coat would be spectacular over a little cardigan and pencil skirt combo.

The past two weeks have felt like four. I just want to sleep all weekend and recuperate, but I've got things to attend to. Hope you have a great weekend, darlings.


  1. Some great news there! I'm expecially excited about Underworld 4. And that greek statues one was pretty awesome. Reading historical facebook updates is awesome.

    And I hope things get better for you. Read=hope you get more sleep!

  2. OMG, I just got a chance to look at this, and HOW MUCH WIN CAN ONE POST HOLD??

    Ancient Asteroid is my fave, but does the world really need another Underworld movie? I feel like they have to be running out of plot ideas, no? Hmm.

  3. H-Thanks, doll. A weekend is just what I need. :)

    Ang-Haha, you're cute. :D And the world can always use more vampires/werewolves. ;)

  4. LOVE the harry potter stills.

    LOVE the love and other drugs trailer. i'll have to see that one!

    LOVE jake and anne, and anne's hair. for real.

    ps. which word did you save? :)

  5. Samar-They never sent me the certificate, which I am bummed about. But I saved "foppotee," which means a simple-minded person. :)