July 07, 2010

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.*

I need a new watch.

OK, so I don't need a new watch, but I'd like one. My "work" watch is currently scratched and doesn't keep the best time. I got it at Target for something like $20 a few years ago, and I adore it. But I'm not sure if it's possible to get it fixed ... and it's always fun to go window browser shopping.

The semi-retired watch I currently own is what the cool kids (or the Internets) are calling Ana-Digi, which means the watch tells time both in analog and digitally. I'll be honest, I rarely use the analog side, but that's only because I am of the digital timepiece and calculator generation. Really, why should I strain myself? I do however love the look that comes from the combination of the clock face and the digital digits.

Vestal Monte Carlo (Also in silver)

You can tell I'm leaning toward white watches. The one I have is silver, and it's very large and manly (one of the main reasons I bought it, I love the chunky look). I also have a set of Star Wars watches from Burger King—six watches that are reversible=12 different looks—but they are all mostly black and not very professional. I'm looking for something a little more work appropriate.

Of course, in my search for watches I've come across some really fun ones that certainly don't fit the typical "work appropriate" mold.

Nooka watches are also ridiculously cool ... but would figuring out how to read one take me as long as it does for me to tell time the analog way?

(*Albert Einstein)


  1. Check these out. My son wants one for his b-day.

  2. Ooh, cool stuff, Martha! Thanks for the link. :)