July 01, 2010

Nerd News: The Expendables, Harry Potter 7, Never Let Me Go and more

Vol. 1, Issue 6

This week's Nerd News might be a bit short, with apologies. I have had a surprising, awesome week. Some issues with my wedding invites at the beginning of the week were "Eclipsed" (har!) buy a certain movie, and the fact that my lovely friends surprised me with a visit from one of my best friends who lives on Long Island. Stress+midnight premiere+surprise friend visit=tired, yet happy, Mandy. Tired, yet happy, Mandy=not enough time spent on the Internets to fully flesh out Nerd News.

Also adding to the awesome this week was the release of the theatrical trailer for HP7.
Goosebumps, you guys.

Edgar Wright talks Ant-Man.

Peter Jackson will be directing The Hobbit.

In casting news:
Geek Tyrant puts is accurately when they describe The Expendables:
Explosions! Old Buff Sweaty Men! Fighting! Fire! Death! Shooting! Destruction! Yelling! Action! Betrayal! One Girl! Bad Guys! Good Guys! Hats! Sunglasses! South America! Weapons! Mission! Mercenaries! Stallone! Schwartzenegger! Statham! Willis! Li! Lundren! Couture! Crews! Austin! Rourke! The Expendables!
This is going to be one hell of an awesome movie.

Someone build me a model Stargate for my backyard, please?

Jen Lynch is going to guest on iCarly. This is awesome. (Yes, I am 26 and yes, I like iCarly.)

If you've never read Never Let Me Go, you should. If you've never read it, I can't really explain why I'm including it in Nerd News, since the following trailer doesn't look all that nerdy.

It does, however, look good. And if you have read the book, you know why I've included it here.

Tonight, a large group of us are off to see The Last Airbender. I've read pretty much nothing but bad things about the movie, but I'm going to give it a go. I love the cartoon.

I might not be back blogging until Tuesday; with friends in town and it being the Fourth of July, I think I shall be busy. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am so excited about Air Bender. And the expendables is such a man movie. Lol. I want to see it. Btw, that stargate is awesome.

  2. I was so disappointed in Airbender. I hope you like it, though. :)