July 08, 2010

Nerd News: Comic Con, the Moon, Inception and more

 Vol. 1, Issue 7

The Thursday schedule for Comic Con was released today, and I'm already pretty sure I'll be camped in Hall H all stinkin' day. This being our third year in attendance, however, Colt and I are already planning to bring food and drinks so that we don't die. The hall's/day's highlights include an Expendables panel, a Scott Pilgrim panel and a talk between two greats: JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon. At night, there's a screening of Being Human and Doctor Who. Last year, David Tennant and John Barrowman showed up to the screening of their respective shows ... Perhaps there will be a Matt Smith/Karen Gillian sighting?

In movie news:
I love these Lego-fied movie posters:
In TV news:
Here's a teaser for the new movie The Social Network.
I, uh ... don't know. It's David Fincher (Fight Club), but it's about Facebook. Really?
    There was a bit of an upset recently over a redo of Wonder Woman's iconic costume. (Pants/leggings? THE HORROR.) One good thing came from the issue: glimpses into what could have been, had Joss Whedon continued on his path to making the Wonder Woman movie.
    I kind of dig the overcoat/overboots thing to the right.

    Check out the items up for auction in the Vader Project. My fave:

    How is this Russian spy situation not a viral marketing campaign for Salt?

    Explore the moon with Moon Zoo! (Not a game ... actual science!)

    I haven't posted about LoLCats in a very long time, as their appeal has somewhat worn thin. LoLCats: Eclipse, however, totally deserves to be seen, posted about and shared.

    And finally, I haven't watched this, and I'm not sure if I want to spoil whatever it shows for myself. If you're interested though, here are five minutes of Inception:


    1. I am so looking forward to Inception. And I love the wonder woman sketches.

    2. I definitely hope Inception lives up to the hype. It looks great.