July 12, 2010

Introducing: Haiku Revieu

I often solve the world's problems while in the shower. This morning, I was thinking about all the movies I've seen lately, and how to go about sharing my thoughts on said movies with you all. I can be wordy, but I'm not so great at concisely wrapping up my thoughts on a film/book/whatever without using the old reliable "I liked it/I didn't like it," which is absolutely no help at all to anyone who wants to know a little more about the why of it all.

My first idea was to try to fit my reviews into bite-size tweets of 140 words. But then I thought, old hat. Come up with something better. So in keeping with the short and sweet idea, I thought:

Why not use haiku?*

What is a haiku, you ask? According to the Web's wonderful Wikipedia:

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 moras, in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively. Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, this is inaccurate as syllables and moras are not the same. Haiku typically contain a kigo (seasonal reference), and a kireji (cutting word). In Japanese, haiku are traditionally printed in a single vertical line, while haiku in English usually appear in three lines, to parallel the three phrases of Japanese haiku. Previously called hokku, haiku was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of the 19th century.
I'm going to stick with the Americanized version—17 syllables (5, 7, 5)—simply because that's the way I learned to write them. Will they make sense? Not always. I'll also add a star rating (1=terrible, 5=brilliant), in case my haiku don't explain well enough what I actually felt about the films.

Enjoy? (Possible spoilers ahead.)

A-Team (*****)
Double-crossed soldiers
Proving they are in the right
Guy from District 9

Jonah Hex (**)
Hot girls in corsets
Plus a lot of explosions
Don't equal a plot

Knight and Day (***)
Crazy-pants Tom Cruise
Cameron Diaz gets drugged often
Motorcycle chase

Eclipse (*****)
My favorite book
More of the other Cullens
Yay for fire, ice

The Last Airbender (**)
Could have been awesome
Changing names to suit your taste
Boo on you, M. Night

Predators (****)
Never seen the first
Brody's funny Batman voice
Unexpected twist

*I'm sure this has been done before, but it was a creative and original idea to me at 6:30 this morning, so go with it.