July 21, 2010

I'm lea-vin', on a jet plane!

Chocolate and Cream Cake is going on hiatus until Aug. 2. I will be away from the computer, living it up at Comic Con and with my Dad in Fallbrook, Ca. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and will share with you all upon my return!

July 20, 2010

obsessed.:Scott Pilgrim

The sixth and final book in the series came out at midnight.

So Who Is This Scott Pilgrim Person Anyway?

Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old, living in the big city with his gay roommate, just trying to get by in this crazy world. He's in a band. He's lazy. He likes video games.
Scott Pilgrim likes the new girl in town, Ramona Flowers, but to win her heart, he has to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Seven! Evil! Ex! Boyfriends! Lucas has muscles! Todd plays bass with his psychic powers! The Twins are twins! Matthew Patel is an Indian guy! AND MORE!


Just go read it so I can stop talking about it already. (Not likely.)

Then ready yourself for the movie. It comes out Aug. 13.

You're welcome.

July 19, 2010

Haiku Revieu: Inception

Inception (*****)
Beautiful dreamers
Don't get yourself in too deep
Go see it right now

Seriously. Drop whatever you're doing and get thyself to a theater.

July 15, 2010

Nerd News: 80s Firefly, Star Wars steampunk, Fast Five and more

 Vol. 1, Issue 8

I love this 80s intro for Firefly:

But, as you so rightly might be asking, where is Simon?
Everyone always knew he'd be the one to go solo.

In movie news:
Now, this is also movie news, but I love the franchise so much that I thought it deserved it's own line: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson set to join fifth Fast and Furious. (!!!)
You'll have to excuse the gratuitous shirtless Rock photo.

The rumor has been out for months and now it's confirmed, Dwayne Johnson has joined the cast of Fast Five, the obvious sequel to 2009's Fast and Furious. He'll be joining Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, the returning Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson who tweeted this news saying;
“Major shouts to Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, & Dewayne [sic] “Rock” Johnson!! “Fast & Furious Five” Let’s get em again!!”
The official news should come any day now but you heard it here first! Shooting begins this summer in Brazil, Rio, and Puerto Rico among other locations.
If you saw Johnson at the last awards show he has bulked back up so I guess he's ready for more action and less Disney!
Check out these photos of the real-life locations of Scott Pilgrim (the books).
    This Scott Pilgrim trailer remix is awesome.


    Also awesome? This casting for a "what-if?" female version of The Expendables. My fave: The Milla Jovovich/Jason Statham pick.

    I would most definitely like an entire set of these Star Wars steampunk illustrations. Please and thank you, Greg Peltz.

    On a similar note, did you know these 19 facts about Star Wars? It hurts me to picture Christopher Walken as Han Solo, regardless of how awesome the man is.


    Finally, how good are your eyes at telling which hue goes where? Try this color iq test. I got a zero. (The lower the score, the better.) /brag

    July 14, 2010

    A new day

    Yesterday was a not-so-good day. Yesterday was a day filled with "Who thought planning a destination wedding would be a good idea for someone with anxiety issues?", with "I need way more than 24 hours in the day.", with "I wish I was better ... at everything."

    Today, however, is a new day. Today is filled with promise and calmer thoughts. Today is post-hugs, breathing deeply, being so much more than content with my lot in life.

    P.S.-Thank you, Love, for being my sanity. ♥

    July 13, 2010

    obsessed.: Double rainbows

    Have you seen this? I'm pretty sure at least one-half of the entire world is in love with this video at the moment.

     And, because this just takes it to the next level:

    How could I not be obsessed.?

    July 12, 2010

    Introducing: Haiku Revieu

    I often solve the world's problems while in the shower. This morning, I was thinking about all the movies I've seen lately, and how to go about sharing my thoughts on said movies with you all. I can be wordy, but I'm not so great at concisely wrapping up my thoughts on a film/book/whatever without using the old reliable "I liked it/I didn't like it," which is absolutely no help at all to anyone who wants to know a little more about the why of it all.

    My first idea was to try to fit my reviews into bite-size tweets of 140 words. But then I thought, old hat. Come up with something better. So in keeping with the short and sweet idea, I thought:

    Why not use haiku?*

    What is a haiku, you ask? According to the Web's wonderful Wikipedia:

    Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 moras, in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively. Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, this is inaccurate as syllables and moras are not the same. Haiku typically contain a kigo (seasonal reference), and a kireji (cutting word). In Japanese, haiku are traditionally printed in a single vertical line, while haiku in English usually appear in three lines, to parallel the three phrases of Japanese haiku. Previously called hokku, haiku was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of the 19th century.
    I'm going to stick with the Americanized version—17 syllables (5, 7, 5)—simply because that's the way I learned to write them. Will they make sense? Not always. I'll also add a star rating (1=terrible, 5=brilliant), in case my haiku don't explain well enough what I actually felt about the films.

    Enjoy? (Possible spoilers ahead.)

    A-Team (*****)
    Double-crossed soldiers
    Proving they are in the right
    Guy from District 9

    Jonah Hex (**)
    Hot girls in corsets
    Plus a lot of explosions
    Don't equal a plot

    Knight and Day (***)
    Crazy-pants Tom Cruise
    Cameron Diaz gets drugged often
    Motorcycle chase

    Eclipse (*****)
    My favorite book
    More of the other Cullens
    Yay for fire, ice

    The Last Airbender (**)
    Could have been awesome
    Changing names to suit your taste
    Boo on you, M. Night

    Predators (****)
    Never seen the first
    Brody's funny Batman voice
    Unexpected twist

    *I'm sure this has been done before, but it was a creative and original idea to me at 6:30 this morning, so go with it.

    July 09, 2010

    It's my shoes, not me. I swear.

    I'll be the first to admit that I often find flatulence funny, particularly when it happens unexpectedly and in public. I can't help it; I often think I have the sense of humor (and fashion!) of a 12-year-old boy. (I apologize to any of my readers with delicate sensibilities, but the following complaint is a serious issue that I need to get sorted.)

    What I can't get behind, however, is the noise my Converse make when I walk, making me sound like I've eaten a vat full of beans.

    Now, Converse are awesome.What other brand of shoes comes in so many colors? And last for so long? And have such an illustrious history?
    I've got green ones, red ones, gold ones, teal ones, grey ones, chocolate ones, distressed ones, and "lite" ones. I love being able to match my sneaks to my outfits.
    (images via we♥it.)

    Supposedly, buying them small will stop the squeak. However, I have high tops of my feet/arches, so smaller might not work. Thicker socks? Some sort of padding? Roughing up the interior?

    Anyone out there have any ideas on how to stop the dreaded Converse farts?

    Headed to Predators tonight, and then a fun weekend filled with taking Mollie to the vet, getting a windshield replaced and registering for gifties. Happy Friday, y'all.

    July 08, 2010

    Nerd News: Comic Con, the Moon, Inception and more

     Vol. 1, Issue 7

    The Thursday schedule for Comic Con was released today, and I'm already pretty sure I'll be camped in Hall H all stinkin' day. This being our third year in attendance, however, Colt and I are already planning to bring food and drinks so that we don't die. The hall's/day's highlights include an Expendables panel, a Scott Pilgrim panel and a talk between two greats: JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon. At night, there's a screening of Being Human and Doctor Who. Last year, David Tennant and John Barrowman showed up to the screening of their respective shows ... Perhaps there will be a Matt Smith/Karen Gillian sighting?

    In movie news:
    I love these Lego-fied movie posters:
    In TV news:
    Here's a teaser for the new movie The Social Network.
    I, uh ... don't know. It's David Fincher (Fight Club), but it's about Facebook. Really?
      There was a bit of an upset recently over a redo of Wonder Woman's iconic costume. (Pants/leggings? THE HORROR.) One good thing came from the issue: glimpses into what could have been, had Joss Whedon continued on his path to making the Wonder Woman movie.
      I kind of dig the overcoat/overboots thing to the right.

      Check out the items up for auction in the Vader Project. My fave:

      How is this Russian spy situation not a viral marketing campaign for Salt?

      Explore the moon with Moon Zoo! (Not a game ... actual science!)

      I haven't posted about LoLCats in a very long time, as their appeal has somewhat worn thin. LoLCats: Eclipse, however, totally deserves to be seen, posted about and shared.

      And finally, I haven't watched this, and I'm not sure if I want to spoil whatever it shows for myself. If you're interested though, here are five minutes of Inception:

      July 07, 2010

      The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.*

      I need a new watch.

      OK, so I don't need a new watch, but I'd like one. My "work" watch is currently scratched and doesn't keep the best time. I got it at Target for something like $20 a few years ago, and I adore it. But I'm not sure if it's possible to get it fixed ... and it's always fun to go window browser shopping.

      The semi-retired watch I currently own is what the cool kids (or the Internets) are calling Ana-Digi, which means the watch tells time both in analog and digitally. I'll be honest, I rarely use the analog side, but that's only because I am of the digital timepiece and calculator generation. Really, why should I strain myself? I do however love the look that comes from the combination of the clock face and the digital digits.

      Vestal Monte Carlo (Also in silver)

      You can tell I'm leaning toward white watches. The one I have is silver, and it's very large and manly (one of the main reasons I bought it, I love the chunky look). I also have a set of Star Wars watches from Burger King—six watches that are reversible=12 different looks—but they are all mostly black and not very professional. I'm looking for something a little more work appropriate.

      Of course, in my search for watches I've come across some really fun ones that certainly don't fit the typical "work appropriate" mold.

      Nooka watches are also ridiculously cool ... but would figuring out how to read one take me as long as it does for me to tell time the analog way?

      (*Albert Einstein)

      Lusting after ...

      These marquee alphabet lights from Urban Outfitters:
      I am in love with all things carnival/freak show and typography, so these would be a welcome addition to my home's decor.

      July 06, 2010

      obsessed.: SyFy TV

      If you know me, you know I love me some science fiction, in pretty much all its forms. Books, movies, daydreams ... but most especially, I love scifi TV. And while I'm still a bit bitter over the name change, SyFy does have some of the best scifi TV out there these days.

      I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Many of the DVD box-sets I own are of scifi shows, such as Farscape, Firefly and Roswell. I'm even named after one of the more famous TV scifi moms, Amanda Grayson (mother of Spock).

      Tonight's the season premiere of one of the most fun SyFy shows in recent memory, Warehouse 13.
      After saving the life of an international diplomat in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the U.S. Government has collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve some of the missing objects and investigate reports of new ones. (via)
      In doing a little research to find the above synopsis, I ran across a review that said the show was "a mix of X-Files, Bones and Raiders of the Lost Ark." While that review wasn't glowing, I can see where the reviewer's coming from. The two main characters (pictured above), Myka and Pete, have a banter thing going on not unlike many of the male-female dynamics on other shows. But I think the show has an original premise and a fun cast of characters, and that's why I'm including it in today's obsessed.

      Another SyFy channel show premiering this week is Eureka.
       The best minds in the US are tucked away in a remote town where they build futuristic inventions for the government's benefit. (via)
      Friday marks the start of the fourth season of this show. I haven't been a fan from the beginning, but I kick myself for not watching it sooner. I've seen most episodes now, and really enjoy the mix of comedy and imagination this show has.

      Also on Friday, the premiere of Haven—A shrewd FBI agent with a lost past who arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine, to solve the murder of a local ex-con only to discover that the curious enclave is a longtime refuge for people with supernatural powers that holds a lot of secrets, including to her own past. (via)

      Other SyFy shows you should check out, either in reruns or on DVD: The Dresden Files, Merlin, Sanctuary, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1.

      Do you have a favorite SyFy show?