June 02, 2010

What's in my bag?

Every so often, the "What's in your bag?" craze makes it's rounds on the Internets. (There's even a Flickr group devoted to the inner workings of people's purses.) I've seen many a blogger post the goods, and recently shared what's in mine with my friends on a forum. Figured I'd come here and share it as well.

I've got absolute loads of purses/hobos/satchels/clutches/totes (...) at home, but the one I use now on a daily basis came from Forever 21. The fact that the entire thing sparkles really sucked me into buying it. Plus, Forever 21 bags are rarely over $20.
Here you can see my small keychain collection which used to hold my keys but now is only for looks: a really old and worn LukeSkywalker Lego man (missing legs, one arm, all his detail), my Han Solo flash drive, a Murray crest my mom brought back from Scotland and my yellow Porsche. Clipped to the other side of the bag is my pass to get into work.

I like to pretend that my bag is akin to Mary Poppins' in that I stuff a somewhat ridiculous amount of things into it. Is it heavy? Sure. But I am never without the things I need.
The key:
1. Umbrella.
2. Cell phone.
3. Reusable bag from Target.
4. Planner.
5. Sunglasses case.
6. Fine-tip Sharpie and felt-tipped pen.
7. Eyeglasses cleaning cloth.
8. Personal products.
9. Wallet.
10. Checkbook.
11. Leatherman.
12. Another sunglasses case.
13. Mini-notebooks.
14. Cosmetics case: lotion, hairbands, bobby pins, nail file, painkillers, lipgloss, chapstick, etc.
15. Coupons.

What's in your bag?

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